It's been busy. But in a "I've been doing tons of fun things!" way, not a "Ooh, look how important I am!" way. :o) 
Now it's almost over (WHAT??) and I'm a little scared of July. 
It can't get any worse, right? ....Right??

Anyway. Here are a few insta-shots from our weekend. My husband was away on our church's annual men's retreat up in the woods and Paige and I had a sleep over weekend at a friend's house. 
There was babysitting, trampoline jumping, sprinkler-running, Muppet watching, Lorax performance at the library-ing, road tripping, Target shopping (yay-yea!), thrifting, Jane Austen movie night-ing, breakfast with the ladies-ing, farmer's marketing and I honestly don't know what else. I barely stopped to shower! Needless to say, I took a nap today. (Sort of.)

Are your summers getting busy yet? Or are you enjoying lazy days with no school? We're just going ahead with school all through the summer, so maybe that's part of the reason why I feel a little busy right now.  But I'm glad I'm doing it. :o)

Have a great start to your week! I think it's gonna be a good one. 


P.S. Thanks so much for all the nail polish advice! so far nothing has worked, but several of you suggested covering it up, which I feel ridiculous for not thinking of. :O) THANKS!


  1. Paige looks magical in the first shot. Beautiful!

  2. That sounds like fun! I love Target... and consider it a rather cruel injustice that the nearest one for me is an hour away. *sigh*

    Let us know how your skirt salvaging went! :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. I love having crafty sleepovers with my friends and I'm long over due for one. So I'm sure that is on the summer schedule somewhere. But yes, I'm insanely busy right now. I had one glorious week off, but now I'm back to the grind. An internship with a local organization, research, and an Reading and conference for my doctoral program. Oi. I wish the week had been longer.

  4. Sounds fun! I love Target as well :) Is one of those instagram pictures ( the one with the baked goods) @ starbucks. Yum!! I also have a question about one of your crafts, so can I email you at the email on the contacts page? Thanks and hope you have a calm week :)

  5. Yes, that's S-Bucks! Unfortunately I couldn't eat any of it. :) yes, you can email me there!

  6. Looks fun!! My summer has been SUCK so far, but I think it's getting better.

    Christen :>

  7. Hi miss Disney!! I love the calender pic! :) I sent you an email! The pic of starbucks looks SO GOOD!!! Have a great rest of June.

  8. I wish my calendar looked like that! Busy weeks are the best! I feel like I have so much energy during those weeks! Hope your summer is going splendidly!



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