Happy Weekend!

Child theology:

As you read this I am in a cabin up in the mountains enjoying the company of some lovely ladies and hopefully not being eaten by bears. :o) Every year our church has a men's retreat and this year the ladies decided to have a spontaneous retreat as well! Please pray for me, as I'm teaching a class (yikes!) and for my husband who is taking care of Paige all weekend. He's also watching all the other kids from church for a one day VBS that he's putting on himself. The man is courageous, that's all I can say!

Hope your weekend is lovely! I'll see you Monday. :O)


P.S. I may or may not be having a panic attack about being away from Paige for three days. Is that crazy? I just really like her...


  1. Not crazy at all. I'd feel the same way. Have a great weekend;)

  2. So cute!and not crazy at all! I love being with my kids!!

  3. not crazy at all. the only time i have left any of my kiddos over-night was to have more kids:) have a great time.

  4. Love this! My daughter asked if Adam and Eve were in there too!

  5. Oh thats super sweet that you are struggling to be away from her. I recently spent my first night away from my youngest (who is only just turned 3!) when I took my grandmother to hospital. Only one night away and I missed them so so much and my grandmother (who may I add is NOT particularly maternal) was all like "whats wrong? Its only been one night!) hee hee, as much as they drive me nuts I "just really like them" :)

    So can I be super cheeky and say is there any possibility of Paige becoming a big sister in the future Disney? (Yes I am audacious, nosey and downright bossy to ask but hey, you do have really cute kiddos).

    Much love, Emma from Australia xx

    1. Haha, I don't mind you asking at all! At this point it looks like Paige will be an only child. For now at least! We've talked about adopting/fostering down the road sometime, but we'll see. :o)

    2. I know that "road" well too Disney, we struggled to have our first baby and after fertility treatment had our gorgeous son. After trying for another 3 years and deciding we simply could not afford more treatment the good lord truly blessed us with our beautiful daughter :) I just adore babies and children and would love to foster some needy kids too in the future. Whatever your future holds I just have to say that Paige is a super lucky girl to have such a fab mum!!!
      Paige is such a cute little poppet and my kids love to see her posts and made some awesome masks the other day might I add :) Emma from Australia.

  6. Haha! I work with kids so I hear things like this all the time!


  7. Out of the mouths of babes....She's got her theology right for her age. Consider this---what if you hadn't told her about Him at all and she had no idea? Hope your class went well.

  8. That is So cute! I work with kids all the time ( I am a Sunday school teacher). I would love to know what you are teaching about (maybe you could post it? :) I hope it went well.

  9. Love that your hubby just did a VBS day for the church kids! My husband and I just did a five day VBS at our house with about 35 kids!! We survived (we had a lot of help) and the Lord was glorified! Glad you got a chance to get away. BTW, my oldest daughter (14) and I have been reading your blog for the past year or so. Great stuff!


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