Shabby Apple Giveaway Winner!

Good morning, everyone!
Our Shabby Apple giveaway winner is...........................

Congratulations, Lauren! I'll be in touch soon. (Lauren is super-cute, btw! I checked out her diy blog and it's precious!)

Thanks everybody for entering! Have a great day!!


And don't forget you can still get 10 % off Shabby Apple's shop for the next three weeks with the code: Rufflesandstuff10off


  1. Hi Disney! I saw on your Instagram that Paige's stuffed animals are taking over the house. :o) This was my problem as of about 7 months ago. My friend told me about this "bin system" that she each toy category (i.e. stuffed animals, lego's, kitchen toys) has its own labeled bin (I got mine from Wal-Mart). I store all of my bins out in the garage, so now, every toy I own is in the garage instead of on my floor. When my girls want to play dollies, we get out the dolly bin, so that the only toys in the house at the moment are dolls. When they want to play a different bin, they put all of the dolls in the bin and a big sister puts it back in the garage. It has been a miracle how clean our house has been! When we have parties, we go on a walk in the morning and relax instead of picking up the house. Hope this helps! I will be posting about this soon on my blog:


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