Pretty Pink Party!

Have I officially turned into a party blog? Last one for a while, I promise!

There is a sweet girl at church who just turned 14 and she wanted me to help with the party decorations. I was super excited because for once the party was a theme that I totally would have done for myself. Frilly pink tea party things with ribbon and pearls and fresh roses. Happy day! 

Unfortunately the party came at a really busy time for me so I didn't get to make as many things as I'd like to. (Although one could argue that I had weeks in advance to prepare, but that's not how I work.) :O)

We started out with making the invitations from things we had on hand. The pink vellum envelopes were leftover from my wedding! I can't believe I've kept them for 7 years. (See, husband? I knew I'd use them someday!)

Paige helping: (love her)

I made some roses out of strips of a plastic table cloth that I scalloped on the edge with scissors. I had to ruffle them by hand with a needle and thread because I think my sewing machine died. (Noooooo!)

Here is how you make them!
  • Unfold table cloth and cut lengthwise along the creases to create long strips.
  • Use scissors to trim one edge in scallops. (It's faster if you fold it up lengthwise first)
  • Use a gathering stitch (straight stitch on the longest stitch length with top thread tension at highest setting) along the long, flat edge of each strip.
  • Pull one thread to gather the edge up all the way.
  • Roll the gathered edge up and glue in place.

It should look like this when you're all done!

A few scraps of lace ribbon and Ruffle Fabric made the table pretty. I also scattered pearl beads and hand stamped fleur di lis confetti. It turned out lovely. :O)

Isn't their house just gorgeous? Every time I go there I want to come home and redecorate. Their family is even more beautiful than their home. They are absolutely extraordinary people. I am so blessed to know them.

So that was the simple little tea party! I love a simple party. Where the hosts aren't stressed out and everyone knows each other really well and enjoy each other. My favorite.

The decorations were all from my stash except the $1 plastic table cloth and the balloons. So the whole thing cost me $2, which is always nice. :O) Oh wait, no, that's a lie. I did buy the flowers, too.
Did you see the garland of big white circles? That was supposed to be a pearl necklace, and actually, I went to a great to of effort to make it. I hand cut the circles, then put a small circle of glue on each one and sprinkled white glitter to make it look like the pearls were reflecting the light. Then I strung them on white cotton string which I knotted in between each pearl so make it look like a real necklace. It took forever, and when I hung it up and stood looked like a row of white circles. Whatever. :O) Crafts are funny that way.

Love you guys!


  1. Hello!
    it´s a wonderful pretty pink party.
    Kiss, Minie.

  2. Gorgeous! This post and the lavender elephant party has inspired me to step up the decorations at my son's birthday!

  3. Hee, the strand of pearls story is the story of my life, some days. But I still think it's a beautiful strand of white circles! I am amazed at how much you did with just a few materials. Looks adorable!

  4. You've done it again, another pretty party under $20. Did you add the icon, get on it!

  5. LOVE the details: the pearls, the pink! Great job! I don't mind if you become a party blog because I love your parties!

  6. So, so beautiful. Of course. What else c old we expect from you? ;-)

  7. This is so sweet! I kind of really want to throw a frilly pink party now. :)

  8. Please don't stop posting party things! I love seeing them! :D And Paige is just increasingly gorgeous in every picture you take!

  9. What a great party! I loved it :) And you always do a great the party ideas, don't worry bout too many. I'm just amazed you have time to do all of them!

  10. So pretty!
    You're so talented at this!

  11. I too have really enjoyed the parties lately! It makes me wish I knew someone with a baby or wedding soon so that I could throw a shower.

  12. This party is so perfectly you! So dainty and feminine. =) Love it =)

  13. This is the most "ruffles and stuff" party I have ever heard of, it's totally you! And it looks like everyone had a wonderful time, too.

    And also, the "row of white circles" was my favourite part, and as soon as you told us what it was then I totally got it, so don't worry it was lovely!

  14. DISNEY, I NEED your HELP! I am hosting a 40 years of business party for my boss, he is a dentist. I was wondering if you have any ideas of what I could do with a "tooth/dental" theme? The party is THIS Saturday! Ahhh I am freaking out. Please help. Tana

  15. First I thought that was your house, I was like Disney should give us a house tour Oh, she must. That said, Please do a house tour one of these days,(or maybe you have and I missed that post).
    Keep the party posts coming.

  16. Wow! Their home does seem to be beautiful. Now you've got me wondering what the other rooms and details are like. Hey, maybe you can ask them if you can do a feature of their home on your blog?
    Your party ideas are becoming better, and better. Loved this one!

  17. Disney, what shines through is your good heart and how helping others makes you happy.'s 'just a party' but you make people feel special. And that is well worth posting.

  18. Your pearl necklace story is funny; my mother and I have had our fiascos too! Once my mother tried to make an Oscar the Grouch costume and it wound up looking like a frog! LOL :) She really TRIED though and that's all that counts (the heart and effort behind it). :) Be encouraged. :) A friend and sister in Christ once told me that "Nothing done in love is EVER wasted in God's economy". :)

    I LOVE your invitations, your table cloth roses, your table runners, everything. PLEASE keep posting party ideas.:) I LIVE for party theme ideas; it is my "happy place." LOL ;)


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