Little Painted Vases!

 I've been working slowly but surely on getting my studio set up and ready to share with you guys! And I hurried up last night to finish this little project to post before I leave for Oregon this afternoon. 

The biggest problem with organizing my crafting supplies is that I have SO much of everything. (I know, it's a terrible problem to have-somebody get me a violin!) Like an "I can't put my buttons in a cute little container because I need a whole shoebox" type of thing. Sad. But I'm trying to make things cute where I can, which is always inspiring to work around. :o) Not to mention fun!

I had these cute little wooden and brass vases that I thought I would store my knitting needles and crochet hooks in, but I wanted a little color, so I brought out the acrylic paints. While I was taping, it occurred to me that I could use decorative scissors instead of regular ones to cut the masking tape in half! Fun!! So I made a neat little scalloped edge. I love scallops.

If you've never painted a vase-it's pretty easy. But I did snap a few shots along the way so you could see how I did it!

Detailed instructions:
  • cut a strip of masking tape in half (use decorative scissors if desired!) -make sure it's long enough to go around your vase
  • tape it to your vase, being sure to keep it at the same hight so that the ends match up
  • give it one light coat of acrylic paint
  • let dry or blow dry with a hair dryer
  • put on a second coat of paint and dry thoroughly
  • if you are using paint with a glossy finish use tape to section off your next paint color. If you are using a matte finish like I did, the paint will take it off when you remove it. Use a piece of card stock (or printer paper folded in half) and hold it in place gently until both coats of second color are dry.
  • remove tape and/or paper and enjoy!

Aren't those kinda fun? I've been on a big paint kick lately, I love how quick it is!

I hope you enjoy, and I will see you soon! Hopefully I'll have a few fun photos from OR when I get back.

Take care!


P.S. By the way...I don't knit. Or crochet...  :o)


  1. these are adorable! i love the colors you choose.

  2. I busted up laughing when you said you don't knit or crochet. That just shocked me since you made such pretty vases for them. LOL. Have a safe travels to OR.

  3. So pretty and simple! cant wait to see your studio reveal:)

  4. Pretty! I love how a little paint can make a big difference!

  5. P.S. By the way...I don't knit. Or crochet.................. lol

  6. I'm a huuuge fan of rufflesandstuff, in general. but now... I must say - it's obvious You don't knit or crochet. peoples who knit or crochet don't do such a unpardonable things with wooden or brass vases..;) I'm sorry ;)

  7. I love it :) It's pastel, my fav :D

    Oh my, have you seen my workspace? :D I'm crazy about it :D
    And yes, I have also so much of everything but I have put only a few things in pretty jars and the rest in biiig boxes :D

    Can't wait to see your studio! :D

  8. Didn't check in for few days and just seeing last few posts...I'm sorry to read of your grandmother passing and I hope you have safe travels during this time. The bow scarf is over the top in cuteness as was the photo session with your perfect model. Thanks for the great tutorials and ideas.

  9. I have a vase exactly like that wooden one and have pondered painting it. This is re-inspiring!

  10. Very cute. I don't knit nut I love to crochet

  11. Your blog makes me happy. Just wanted to say it. I stop by and smile every couple of weeks. Thanks!

  12. I've been searching high and low for brass vases. They are hard to come by (at least in my world)... may I ask where you find them?

    I had to chuckle at Dzintra's comment. I'm such a painting fiend myself, but sometimes I do feel guilty at all the beautiful pieces I've painted, thinking the poor next generation I'm stealing antiques from. But I just can't seem to stop myself!


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