I love you"infinity" (Happy Weekend!)

I hope your weekend is as happy as mine's been! :O) :O)

Love you "infinity",



  1. I really enjoy your blog and have followed it for several years. Thank you for putting the time into it. So many people think of Sunday as part of the weekend, but it is not! It is the first day of the week, "week beginning". It is the day we worship God and remember Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.

  2. Eek, too cute! I cannot WAIT until my daughter starts saying stuff like that, I can imagine it would just melt you and turn you into a puddle!

  3. love this post! A lot!

  4. Aw :)
    When I was little my mom and I always said "I love you mucho mucho." :)

  5. So sweet! My mom, sister & I used to love each other infinity too.

  6. That is beautiful! That is exactly how I feel about my sons and the first time my two year old said, "I love you mum," I literally almost cried...and didn't feel embarrassed that I did.

  7. This is too cute!!!


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