Polka Dot DIY x 2!

Today I have two DIYs to share with you! 
Cheri, of I am Momma, Hear me Roar is hosting her annual Refashionista event and has graciously asked me to contribute. I'm sharing two versions of a peplum shirt tutorial I worked up! (I love the peplum. Love. It. Peplum on everything for me, please.) 

The second polka-project is Paige's first magazine feature! (So proud!) She had the idea to make polka dot balloons a while back and Victorial Hudgins of the online magazine A Subtle Revelry asked us to share them in their absolutely GORGEOUS Holiday issue. Fun!! We're on Page 122, or see the project in post form, here.

We'd love it if you checked them out!
 Have a lovely day, friend.



  1. Yay! Beautiful projects! Congrats Paige!

  2. How cute! I really love Paige's peplum top, and polka-dotted balloons are too fun. =)

  3. Love the polka dots! Congrats to Paige!

  4. Wow I love the jump picture. And also the picture with the balloon. Any way which camera you used for take these picture ?

  5. Hooray, Paige! Thank you for the idea - I am going to borrow it to decorate for my friend's baby shower next weekend!

  6. Paige's tutorials are my favorites.....I wonder what happens to the dots when the balloon starts to lose air...they must shrink...hm.


  7. They are fine for a day or so, but when the balloons start to lose a lot of air the dots flake off. So pop them before then to save a mess! :o)


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