Breakfast (hi guys)

While we were visiting family last I snapped a few photos of the lovely breakfast my sister in law was making. I just found them again tonight and I had to share them. It was a gorgeous, gluten-free feast as delicious as it was beautiful!

Part of what made it beautiful was the 85mm 1.8 that I shot them with. (My sil's lens) Now that I've shot with it I just can't stop thinking of it. I dream about that lens. Yum!

Anyway! :o) I have so many projects to share, dear friends. I hope to take more photos of this little feather (and leather!) bit that I made to share tomorrow, so here's hoping it will be on the blog then. :O)

In the mean time, I just wanted to say: "hi!"

I also wanted to briefly say how much my heart breaks for everyone involved with the shooting in Connecticut. It's one of those times when words just don't do justice to the heart's feelings. Even as I type this I just can't find a single word to say. But I wanted to say that I am thinking and feeling for all those families. What an awful, awful...just, awful thing.

Love(more than ever),


  1. Hmmm, I'm hungry now! Those pancakes look so perfect and delicious!

  2. I'm hungry now, too. Those eggs look so good. Maybe you should tell Santa you've been good and would like that lens for Christmas.

    I'm thinking of all those affected by the tragedy in CT. So so sad.

  3. Love the pictures. I used my friend's 85mm lens on Saturday and I can't stop thinking about it too. :) Prayers for the families in CT.

  4. Lovely photos! Thx 4 checking in. Can't wait to see what u have in the works!

  5. Just a little (slightly unrelated) shout to say that I've been enjoying your blog more than ever lately. So many crafty ideas and so much sweetness and your relationship with God just spills over into every word you write.

    I love the glimpses you let us peek into your relationship with Paige, and admire your attitudes towards the blogging world.

    Just had to speak up that I enjoy coming here to this little corner of the blogosphere so much. Blessings!


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