A few shots of life in our house lately:

Homemade potato chips:

(lots of) coloring and self portraits:

Making jewelry:

Taking photos for friends:

 P.S. That cute little blondie is Alyssa, who we've talked about before. She's the beautiful 14 year old girl who is a talented and aspiring bakery owner! She recently started a baking blog, "Bonjour, Babycakes!". Please check it out, I'm sure she would love some visitors. :O) Doesn't she make delicious/gorgeous things??

We've also been teased on and off with a little of this white stuff:

We've been doing small projects that we can't share yet (ugh) and big projects that we can't share yet (double ugh!) so we've been busy like little bees. I can't wait until I can post about everything we've been working on!

I hope your December is going well!


  1. I totally get the privacy thing ... but one of these days your husband should photo-bomb one of your pics! lol. It will be like, "Who is that guy?!?" lol. It looks like you've had such a fun and full few weeks!

  2. I recognize the Starbucks apron… I wore one for many years getting through school, they were very good to me. I miss the pound of coffee a week ;) but not the 4am shifts! Like your trees!

  3. As an amateur jeweler, I must say that I'm quite jealous of your findings collection! Hehe :o) beautiful pictures! :)

    1. haha, yes! That actually is "borrowed" from my sister, and I really need to get it back to her but conveniently keep forgetting to. She is a jewelry genius and has all kinds of things to drool over!


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