Today (Happy Weekend!)

Hi friends! How was your Saturday?

Today was a lovely day in our house, filled with those weekend "extras" that are always so difficult to fit in during the week. My husband let me sleep in this morning while he took Paige to story time at our local book store. (Ten points on the husband ledger!) Then I took her to the museum for "Free Family Saturday" where we made a "lava lamp" which was really just a water bottle filled with such an incredible amount of food coloring and glitter that you couldn't see anything at all, let alone lava bubbles. She was thrilled with it. ;)

Saturday is our co-op day (Do you have "Bountiful Baskets" in your area?? We love it!!) where we get more local produce than we can eat for $15. Happy campers.

Then we took a family trip to the senior center thrift store (our fave) and scored some sweet deals, including a new little piece of art for the living room wall! I am totally planning some DIY art on the other wall, thanks to all your wonderful ideas on this post, but when I saw that gorgeous painting I couldn't leave without it. It didn't hurt that it was only two bucks!! It reminds me somehow of my grandpa's house and it makes me feel so at home. I also scored a few vintage pillows for the couch crowd and some $.25 bow ties for the little. She's got a little bow tie collection going on and I think it's the cutest thing on the planet.

All in all, a fantastic day. And the weather was so nice that we were able to leave all the doors open to boot! My heart is so happy when the doors come open in the springtime. (Right?)

And now I'm checking in with you darlings and it's back to the grind. My deadline for the book is in just a few weeks (!!) and I have something like 500 photos to edit at this point. Oy. Wish me luck!

Have a lovely first day tomorrow. :O)

P.S. Don't forget to enter the "S is for Stitch" giveaway! Only a couple of days left. 


  1. always love visiting your blog Disney:)

  2. As soon as I saw that pineapple on your cutting board I thought "I wonder if she gets bountiful baskets too?" Cause we were doing the same thing today too! It's pretty wonderful, huh? As usual, I love your lovely blog :-)

  3. such bright, happy days! i love when those types of weekends happen. beautiful pics and congrats on the thrifty finds.

  4. Looks like a perfect weekend to me :)

  5. i love all of your mix and match pillows on your couch!
    such great photos and all of that fruit looks so yummy!

  6. I am a VSC for Bountiful Baskets. When I first learned of it and tried my first basket I was hooked. We trained and opened one here in our town. I do not buy any veggies from the store any more and pretty much only get some meat and milk (well coffee too!) and my shopping is done. Wonderful stuff!

  7. Looks/ sounds like a great weekend! My sister was here with her four kids last week, my mom here this weekend, and we're moving this week!! Aaaahhhhh!!

  8. That's what a weekend should be like - peaceful and eventful at the same time :) Your pictures are incredibly expressful (always)!

  9. That is what a summers day looks like - pineapple, sun and fresh fruit - pictures say a thousand words

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  11. Love the washtub idea for boots! Very nice pics.

  12. Sounds like a great weekend. All the pics are very nice!


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