Pretty City (Our Weekend Trip!)

Here are a few photos from our little trip this last weekend! It was an early Mother's Day and Birthday (Paige's!) celebration. My husband couldn't come because, you know, the preacher has to be home on the weekends :O) but Paige and I had a great time with a couple of old friends of mine who drove us around all weekend and thoroughly spoiled Paige. We went to Point Defiance zoo, which I didn't get any good photos of, unfortunately and the second day we hung out at the PLU campus while my friend was in class. It was such a cute little retro campus! I couldn't help snapping some photos of Paige there. 
 Then we drove up to Tukwilla and took the light rail to Seattle, which Paige was absolutely giddy about. I, frankly wasn't much less excited, it was fun! :O)
Every time I walk out into the streets of Seattle I'm amazed all over again at how beautiful it is. I love this city. So alive and artistic! And since I'm kind of small-townish Seattle kind of makes me feel like I'm in New York.
 My favorite thing about Seattle (besides the tall buildings...and the water...oh and the h&m) is all the people! I love that everywhere you look there are people, people, people. It just makes my heart sing!! I want to smile at and wave to and hug everyone I see.
There is also the four story Nordstrom. Nothing wrong with that.
 Some tourists watching the guys throw the fish. :o) (is that Hiro??)
 And then my friend took us on the ferris wheel. I made the mistake of telling Paige about it ahead of time so it was all I heard about for days. It was so gorgeous! It definitely didn't disappoint.
I heart Seattle. 'Case you couldn't tell.

Today we're celebrating Paige's birthday as a family which means treats at the health food store, playing at the park, picking out two new Elephant and Piggie books and watching an exorbitant amount of Arthur cartoons.
I'm also sitting down to schedule the 50 photo shoots I have to do this month for the ol' book. This is the fun part, guys. :O)

Have a great mid-week!!

P.S. Next time I totally want to have a coffee shop meet-up with all my readers from the western WA area! Wouldn't that be so fun??


  1. It looks like you and Paige enjoyed your trip. I have not been to Seattle since 1998 so your photos were a nice reminder of the wonderful city. TFS.


  2. I grew up near Seattle and love it too. Pt. Defiance was one of my favorite places to go and downtown makes me happy too! I can't wait to visit in a few weeks!

  3. I love Seattle! We still haven't make it up there to ride the ferris wheel yet, but its totally on my to-do list for the summer. And of course the zoo... and the aquarium... and Pike Place... etc. Looks like you had a fun trip!

  4. you definitely need to throw a meet and greet together next time you are in town! I know I'd show up :)

  5. Totally looks like Hiro! We love Seattle too but I have to admit to feeling relieved once we get back to home sweet, little townish, home :) Em

  6. I was surprised to see pictures of PLU campus! I graduated from PLU! Glad you had fun exploring Western Washington! Such a wonderful place to be!

  7. Ha, PLU library looks just the same as when I went there! I am glad. (Hi, Anonymous Lute.)

  8. Happy Birthday to Paige! I'm originally from WA, and I always loved visiting Seattle! Your next trip should be much as I love my home state, Boston is truly an amazing city! :)

  9. Aw, her excited face for the ferris wheel is the cutest ever!!! Happy Birthday Paige!!! And thanks for the beautiful pictures Disney, can't wait for your book :)

  10. Wonderful photos! What a precious girl. :)

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  11. Sounds like you had nice trip :)

  12. Happy birthday Paige! Your photos of Seattle are gorgeous; it looks like a nice city.

    I've just moved to San Francisco from Sydney, Australia. Seattle is on my must visit list!

    If you ever come to visit San Francisco, I think you and Paige will love Japantown.

    Here's my little photo tour of Japantown

  13. The other day my fiance asked me why I loved Seattle so much and I told him...for half an hour. He got bored. lol I love that place! But alas, I live in Los Angeles. So far away...

  14. It looks like you had a great weekend! I feel the same way about Seattle - everyone is so nice, it's a big city but super friendly, there are so many great things to to do, etc. I lived on the peninsula and then went to college in Bellingham, so there were lots of gorgeous ferry rides to enjoy... but I haven't seen the Ferris wheel yet because I've been moving around with my Army husband! Can't wait for my next visit!

    Paige looked darling in her pink sparkly shoes with her big messy bun. :)

  15. Oh Disney, I'd love to meet you in person! Definitely have a meet and greet. In fact, you should take your cute Paige on the ferry to Bainbridge Island (where I live) and visit our Ester's Fabric. Talk about retro and so uber cool.
    I don't know where you live (happened upon your blog years ago and love checking in from time to time), but hurry back. And take care.

  16. These are great photos! I think I need to plan a trip!!

  17. So many cute photos! I've always wanted to travel there!

  18. I recognize that city! We now live on Whidbey Island and a trip to the city is sometimes a necessity for a little culture. You were all over!

  19. Oh, that's MY Pretty City! We live north of Seattle in Lynnwood. Every time we cross the I-5 bridge heading south, we get the most gorgeous view across Lake Union into Seattle. I always say "There's our pretty city!" and we ooh and aah over how beautiful it is. Seattle is a lovely place to live, especially on the four days of the year when the sun comes out. ;-)

  20. Hey! I've been following your blog for a while and just realized you live in Seattle near me!


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