Vintage Slip Inspired Skirt for Vintage May Series!

Have you been Following Vintage May over at craftiness is not optional?

Jess, from CINO and Kristin, from Skirt as Top have brought back their popular blog series featuring adorable vintage-inspired sewing! It's so much fun to see what everyone has made!! And all the precious little models are killing me. Too much cuteness.
 Well Jessica asked me to play along so I made a simple little skirt with a twist! I used vintage clothing (does 90's count as vintage? Kinda feels vintage, but then I don't want to admit that my childhood is "vintage"...) and some leftover ruffle fabric from this website for a layered petticoat look. It reminded me a little of those gorgeous lace-trimmed slips from the 50's! I love those so much, I wish there was a way to wear them in public without being out in your undies. :o)

 So what's the twist? The skirt used to be shorts! Yikes! So don't think I'm nuts, but I found these babies in the thrift store and fell in love with them. (I'm being serious here.) But since they were petites they were creeping up where they don't belong and it just didn't feel right (in more ways than one. Just saying.)

So I started whacking, which I really like doing. I tried this method with a jumper recently and really liked how it turned out. Although, be warned that this will probably only look good on a garment with printed fabric, otherwise the center seam will be too obvious.

Let's do this!
  • Cut through the leg seams.
  •  Fold (inside-out) shorts sideways and use a ruler to draw a new seam that is straight down.
  •  Sew along marked lines and trim excess.
  •  Then add coordinating fabric to the bottom, if desired. Stick to the same type of fabric (knit to knit, cotton to cotton, etc.) Cut two pieces that are the same width as the skirt when it's lying flat plus about 1''.
  •  Sew the two pieces together at each end with right sides facing to make one piece.
  •  Pin to the hemline of the skirt.
  •  Sew on and you're finished! Try to sew along the stitching that is already on the skirt's hem for a tidy look.


Psst, do you want to hear the real story of how this tutorial went down?
Are you sure?
So yesterday (thursday) was like this: wake up feeling sick, babysitting, more babysitting, photoshoot photoshoot photoshoot, one more photoshoot, eat a few bites of a pb&j while feeding kids lunch, put kids down for a nap, photoshoot, park, clean up, edit photos, run to little friend's music recital (super cute, go Lexi!), put Paige to bed, eat half a bowl of green beans, sit for two seconds thinking I'm going to relax...(one)...(two)..."bing!" email from Jess wondering if my post was ready to go up. Apologize for forgetting that my post is due today, freeze like a deer in the headlights, more apology, panic mode, kick things into high gear, think of project, sew project, haul tons of stuff to church building (it's friday now), staging staging staging, take photos of myself with self-timer, feel like crying a little because the church building is dark and scary (and because it's 1am now), haul stuff home, try to upload photos, feel like crying again because computer keeps crashing, pray that the computer stops crashing, pray again (more apologizing), edit photos, try to upload to blogger, Safari won't work, try Firefox, type up post.

And well, I can only hope things end well from here. :O) (Sleep? Please? Can we sleep now?)

So once again, sorry to Jess for mixing up my post date! So sorry! But it ended well and I made something vintage. Something I really love, too! I wear skirts all the time in the spring/summer and this one is super comfy. :o)

Hope your day is going well and that you all have a great weekend!!
I really love you!


  1. I have sooo much leftover ruffle fabric, I never thought to do this! Once again, you are a genius! XOXO

  2. OMG, what a day you had. End result: your project and blog post were fantastic. Love your cute outfit make over. Hope you feel better and have a good weekend.

  3. dahling idea...gots lots of that stuff...vintage and ruffles!

  4. oh my gosh Disney you are a rock star. Period.

  5. i love your humerous honesty!!! i would also be freakin out and scared to be in an empty church. why are empty churches so scary?!?!?! lol i loved this project! you did a good job for just 'throwing it together' !!!!

  6. I'm so sorry about the terrible day. Thanks for pushing through and giving us such a great post! The skirt looks adorable, I especially love the ruffle fabric on the bottom.

  7. genius idea! I love it! By the way, I found your blog post through the Vintage May series on Craftiness is Not Optional.

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  8. Wow, super woman!
    I have a friend that just found some blue shorts like that. We talked about making a skirt out of it, and now I am convinced. A skirt is the way to go!

  9. This post is so lovely! The tutorial, the vintage items in the pictures with you, your poses, the pictures themselves, the skirt! Truth be told, I was very surprised by the real story at the end! I think you handled everything very well(:

  10. It´s so cute! I wish I could do this stuff too but I don´t have a sewing machine :(

  11. Wow! You ROCK! I would have never thought this was a super quickly pulled together post. And all the stuff you accomplished! Holy smokes. Man, we will have time to relax when we're older right? ;) So cool! And PS Creeping shorts are THE WORST. Glad they died a swift death and were reborn as an adorable skirt.

  12. Visiting from CINO because the skirt was TOOO CUTE! Then I read your post--are you kidding me? Sorry for the busy (normal)mom day that turned into a "HEEELLLPPPP!" evening! I was looking at those photos thinking how retro/vintage and super cute the whole set up was. It is so clever and you look adorable and fashionable in the whole dang outfit. You fooled us all!

  13. Oh, this is so sweet! I love the ruffle fabric just at the bottom so much more than I do when the whole skirt is made of it. And wow, that is quite the day! But you came up with something incredible anyway! =)

  14. What a lovely skirt! I love the idea of using the pre-ruffled fabric as a trim. I have a skirt made of it, but it snags so easily!

  15. So I woke up at 3am with an awful sore throat after going to bed early (for me) last night, and saw that you had posted the "heading to the church building" and "post is up" instagrams...crazy! you are one dedicated blogger. I thought you already had photos and just needed to write the post up! Anyway, thanks so much for being you, disney, your skirt is so lovely and the photos are so good - can't believe they were taken in the middle of the night.

  16. Amazing and beautiful!

  17. Thank you for a lovely post! If I had tried to do all that in one day, I can tell you I would not have been modelling a skirt at the end of it all. Maybe a straight jacket over my jammies. Give yourself some downtime soon - even supermoms need a break sometime!

  18. I think we can safely say things from 23 years ago as vintage...? Anyway, never would have thought that those photos were taken in a church in the middle of the night or morning rather. I think everything turns out beautifully. The skirt is so cute!

  19. Beautiful skirt and beautiful photos!

  20. Yay, we get a Disney outfit post! Great shorts to skirt tutorial, very helpful. A lot of bloggers seem to be doing a similar tutorial lately....I tried it with houndstooth pants too :)

  21. This is one of those "(hit your head) why-didn't-I-think-of-that?" styles! :-)
    I'm a new follower and LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  22. Love the skirt!

    But, oh, dear one, I hope you had a day of resting after all that!

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  24. Cool! I also love tweaking clothes especially if I am no longer wearing the shorts, the pants or the blouse. There is this dress that I am fund of wearing but because it was old, it got torn on the lower part. I couldn’t bring myself to throw the whole dress so I just cut off the lower part and then turned the dress into a blouse. I can’t help but praise you for what you have done to the shorts though. It’s a very clean job.

  25. Wow, this is a very beautiful project! Thoughts are spinning around in my head to figure out where to get something similar to make this kind of skirt for myself.
    And it fits very good to you :)

  26. Very, very cute skirt. I'm using the ruffle material right now in an apron for my sister. Shhhh... don't tell her. It's a surprise.

  27. This is ADORABLE!!! I love that you took shorts and made them into a skirt, and with ruffles! I do a lot of re-purposing of clothing and it is so much fun. Thanks for this post. I would like to link to it in a post from my blog.

    Have a great day!
    Sally Ann

  28. Adorable skirt! Thanks for sharing about how it got here! Hope your days will go better from now on! Busy Moms can accomplish just about any thing, but that's not saying it's ever easy! Take care, and keep on creating! I have total faith in you! : )


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