Once Upon a Thread!

Good morning!

I'm over at No Big Dill today. Katy's hosting chapter 4 of Once Upon a Thread and today I'm sharing my project! If you aren't familiar with it, "Once Upon a Thread" is an event where we get to create a project based on our favorite children's book. For me, it was an easy choice: "The Heart and the Bottle" by Oliver Jeffers! SUCH a sweet story and I absolutely love the illustrations.

Head over to No Big Dill to see what we made!
And I hope you're having a great day so far. :o)


  1. So very cute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a darling story! And that skirt is the perfect ocean representation... I love it. =)

  3. I LOVE your skirt... really beautiful and the layers are lovely! I also was a part of this chapter of OUT and am enjoying seeing all the book interpretations!
    Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

  4. This is such wonderful inspiration, love that skirt and the shirt and the necklace...! I got "This Moose Belongs to Me" for my kids at Christmas because I loved the illutrations so much - it's a fun story, too. :)

  5. Loved your project! I'm excited to check out that book! I'd love to hear more of your favorite books! Are you on goodreads? I love it for keeping track of what my friends are reading and finding new books!

  6. I love the ocean skirt! The necklace is also adorable, and it was creative to leave it opened at the top so your daughter could put flowers in it.

  7. I love "The Heart and the Bottle". Good choice! Those drawings are so heartwarming to look at! : )

  8. I visited No Big Dill today and saw your project. Wow, I LOVE your ocean skirt!


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