DIY Watercolor Tee for Glitter Bug!

Today I'm sharing this "watercolor" tee over at Glitter Bug, the blog of a sweet and extremely gracious girl named Danielle. I'd be delighted if you would click over and check it out! Especially since I sort of feel like I should buy her a car or something for putting up with me during this guest post process! Long story short, I was supposed to guest post for her back in July and, well, it's taken me until today to finally get it set up. *Buries head in hands* sometimes I really drive myself nuts, you guys.

So go check out the post if you would like! And please, if you pin it, pin images from her blog. :O) Thanks!

Oh real quick (or not) I just have to say: thank you all so much for your encouragement on the last post! I really didn't expect that. To be honest, I was pretty down when I wrote it, partially due to the fact that the shirt I'd made for today's post looked like...well, butt. (I told you, I lost the mojo!) And it was also the middle of the night, which is never a good time for me to write a post. ;o) The next morning I planned to just delete the post because I was afraid of spreading my Mrs-moody-pants attitude, but instead I was so surprised by your sweetness! Oh, I love you guys!! Thanks for being such good friends. :O) I need you, you know. Anyway, you gave me the inspiration I needed to start all over on the shirt for today's post and I rocked it. At least in my mind I did. I LOVE (ha.) the way it turned out.

Have a happy, happy, happy day!


  1. Hi Disney,

    You are so sweet and seriously you have been a pleasure to work with! You almost made me tear up with your sweet words! You have no reason to feel bad you've been busy! Thanks for the post!

    Danielle @ Glitter Bug

  2. I LOVE ;) this! It totally looks like something you'd buy at forever 21 or some other place with cute tees :-). I can't wait to try this technique!

  3. Pinned it! (From her blog of course.) Super cute and I have got to try it. I have my acrylics waiting for me and I'm getting a tube of fabric paint medium so that I can run them through the wash more easily.

  4. I love this shirt -- and the Bible reference on the sleeve makes it even cooler! You are so talented, Disney!


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