Summer of JoAnn Map Pillow

JoAnn Fabrics and I are good friends. Like, really good friends. Such good friends that I usually drop her second name and just call her "JoAnn's".  (...Oh, you do too? Awkward.)

And I love that she invites me to play along in all her craft challenges! The one I just finished a project for today (barely in time, phew!) is for the "Cape Discover" summer crafting challenge that encourages fun and kid-friendly crafts for the summer (or anytime!) I got to look through this catalog and pick out a craft to do and naturally I picked the most time-consuming one, because with a brand-new baby I have lots of time on my hands! (This is me joking right now.) But really, I HAD to pick it because look! Look how stinking cute this pillow is!!!

As soon as I saw their version I knew that mine would have to be pink and floral. 'Cause duh. I wanted it to be a little bit simpler, too, and it turned out just exactly how I'd planned! Except for the lumpiness. I didn't really plan that, it just happened. ;o) Something to do with running out of polyfil and having to use quilt batting because you just can't persuade your soul to go to Walmart. Again.
Isn't she pretty? 
Oh, and that cherry print one? That's North America. Not a cat. Just in case you weren't sure. Paige wasn't either.
It has a lovely place, center-stage on the sofa, where I hope no one will ever sit on her. Or lean on her. Or really touch her at all more than necessary.

Another reason why I chose this pillow is that it reminds me of traveling, which is my favorite! Someday, when I don't have a brand new baby, I think I might stitch around the edges a bit with embroidery thread. Sometimes I like to do monotonous things like that, you know. But right now...mostly I like to sleep if I have extra time. (Which I don't. ever.)

Thanks so much to JoAnn's again for giving me some crafty ideas to mess around with. I'm planning to do a few holiday-inspired projects with JoAnn's over the next few months too, which will be so fun! I'm already excited for holidays. :O)

You can get the free directions and template printout HERE if you want to make your own! And also, just so you know, you can get a 20% off coupon by signing up to be a preferred customer. Pretty sweet.

Have a happy day :O)

P.S. If you want to see what other bloggers made, search #summerofjoann on Instagram. There is a super, super cute version of this pillow on there from Jess of, who is, by the way, amazing. 


  1. So cute and I couldn't help looking at it and thinking, "Look, there's us over in Australia!" I wish you hadn't pointed out the cat though, I never would have notice but now that's all I see ;)

  2. Love that pillow, love your blog! So much fun! (Love those fabrics too! <3) Thanks for making me *smile*! :)

  3. completely sweet and adorable. pinning.

  4. What a darling pillow! I love that you totally made it YOU. My our collection of pillows is just too much fun. I love your style and creativity.

  5. Now I feel like I need a pillow like that too. I like your version a lot!

  6. Great job. (It does look like a cat now that you mentioned it).

  7. Love this!
    I will definitely be making this in the near future :+)

  8. North America DOES look like a cat -- but in a good way. This is adorable. :)

  9. This is so cute! is sew pillows yesterday too ;-)

  10. Sweet! And when you do your embroidery you could just add in New Zealand- east of Australia, and much greener. ;)

  11. Awwh that pillow is soooooooo cute! I love it! I love how you did a girly version of it! It looks so sweet. The only thing that could improve it is if there was a teeny tiny Ireland stuck in there but maybes that's just me hehe anyway still loving your blog as always! Decided to change mine recently eeek but I like how it came out :) xxxxx

  12. Gah!! Adorable!! Only possible constructive criticism would be to pop a teeny New Zealand in there :)
    (In a purely selfish 'I can see my house from here!' :D kind of way) :o)
    Lots of love from Kiwi-land! xx


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