Adding Pop to a Blazer: DIY for A Subtle Revelry!

Today I'm sharing some quick ways to add pop to your fall blazers over at A Subtle Revelry! Victoria was kind enough to ask me to contribute a few projects over the next few months and this is the first of those. I always love, love working with Victoria. I confess that I feel super important when she asks me to collab with her. Thanks, Victoria!

Check out the DIY over at A Subtle Revelry! You can even do it without sewing if you want to. Whoa. Cool. ;o)

Have a great Wednesday! 

Oh! And thanks to the beautiful Alyssa for modeling these for me. You're the best!!


  1. Muy linda la idea, gracias por compartirla!

  2. This is so cute.


  3. Well it really refreshes the outlook of blazer. As for me I prefer to wear jewelry because when you are changing it, it seems that your images changes constantly, though you are wearing the same costume!

  4. SO cute, Disney! I love how simple it is, too! You are so talented.

  5. Love your ideas. Drawn to your blog, by the pictures of my beautiful, great niece, Alyssa. Excellent choice for modeling your darling clothes..

  6. Hi Disney and Paige,

    I have just spent 3 days (whilst at work) reading your blog, it is fantastic and if I lived in the US you would be having a new neighbour! I am a scout leader (Boys and Girls) in the UK and I will be using (if its ok) Paiges crafts with the scouts this term.
    Good luck with the fostering, loving hearing about it very inspiring for when I finally get a house with a spare room!


  7. You can do it, Disney! Praying that the little ones take a nap at the same time today (or two naps) so that you get some rest.

  8. Vow! Its just amazing the way you think up something so wonderful, easy and useful. new life and jest to the garment.

  9. Hi, I stumbled into your blog just 2 days ago and am just completely blown away by how much talent you have! I originally found the post where you made your daughters clothes out of her baby/smaller clothes! (she must be tiny btw!) Makes me wish I had a girl so I can do all the cute stuff for her... but hopefully my sis or friend has one soon too LOL Do you have any ideas on how to re-purpose boys clothes? My son is 2 and I have boxes full of his old stuff. It would be awesome to see what ideas you could throw in for inspiration


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