Halloween Bird Nest Candy Bowl!

I looove when companies like JoAnn Fabrics contact me to do projects with them. Especially holiday-themed ones. Especially holiday-themed ones where I have tons of freedom to do whatever I want. Freedom is my favorite. 

JoAnn's generously gave gift cards and the theme #SpookySpaces to lots of different bloggers and asked us to come up with a stand-out craft. I'm not really sure if mine stands out...? But I know that I liked the way it turned out! I was a little nervous about it because I'm not usually into the "spooky" things. I mean I walked into our local Halloween store the other day and almost literally RAN out because it was terrifying. (P.S. What happened to the sheet-ghosts and minnie mouse costumes that filled those stores when we were kids? Now it's like the set of a rated R movie! Dude! ...I digress.) 

I waited until we were on our way to JoAnn's (it's out of town for us) to decide what to make, because I live on the edge, and I came up with this little bird nest bowl! I wasn't sure if I would find everything I needed for it there, but I totally did which was awesome. They even had twigs that were already black. Sweet! Although you could totally spray paint your own.

Here's what I used for my bowl, minus the bird, who somehow didn't make it in the photo:
(All from JoAnn's except the bowl.)
  • To get started you'll need about half a yard of black fabric. I used velvet, but you could use satin, cotton, whatev. Hot glue the center of the fabric to the inside bottom of the bowl.

  • Fold the sides of fabric down over the outside of the bowl and glue on. You may want to trim your fabric up a little first.

  •  Trim off any excess fabric and cover with a circle of felt.

  •  Use hot glue to attach a layer of black feathers.

  •  Glue tulle on, covering most of the bowl. Bunch it up in random places here and there until it looks right to you.

  •  Then add a second layer of feathers. I used a different kind of feathers for the second layer to add a little dimension.

  •  Then break off small sections of twigs and hot glue all around the bowl. Finish off with black sequins (or even sparkly beads!)

  •  For the finishing touch, glue on a spooky black crow, à la Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. :O)

Use #spookyspaces to find the other awesome ideas bloggers have come up with. And for more Halloween ideas check out JoAnn's Creativity Made Simple page!

And enjoy a sweet 50% coupon to help you shop for any goodies you might need!

And to the sweethearts at JoAnn's: thanks. So much. This was seriously fun. :O)

Have fun with your spooky crafts, guys!! I'll be in touch soon with an update on how we're doing over here. Foster baby #2 that we had for three weeks is back with his regular foster mom now, so we're getting a little more sleep these days. (I didn't die!!)

Have a great start to your week! Yay, Mondays!!
Love you!

P.S. Thanks so much to my dear friend Chris for letting my stage in her lovely home with glorious natural light! Life saver! :O)


  1. Wow. That's really crafty and the result is wonderful. Makes me want to get ready for Halloween, too. (Where is my hot glue gun?!?!?) ;-)

  2. everytime I'd be afraid that he'd peck me :)

  3. Very cool Halloween decoration, Disney. You did a great job.

  4. Dear Disney,
    I just thought I would tell you that I was inspired by one of your tutorials for my god-daughters craft weekend. If you get a chance pop over to the blog and see what we made. Much love and blessings Emma x

  5. Hi Disney! Such a fun project! Just wondering…are you still going to do the Happy Mail giveaway? :)

  6. SO cute, Disney! I love this. You are so creative. :)

  7. super cute! glad you're getting a little sleep :)

  8. Awesome decoration for Halloween!

  9. I worry a bit because there has been no news from you for quite a long time, I hope everything is fine for you and your lovely family.
    Greetings from a faithful french reader (from France)

  10. I thought this is a Christian blog and I was inspired by your blog so many times.. I did not expect Halloween stuff here.. I don't think Christians have anything to do with Halloween....????

    1. Haha well, I don't know if a blog can be a Christian, but I am one. ;o) jk A lot of Christians celebrate Halloween, in varying ways and degrees. Our family doesn't really, mostly because of how dark a lot of it is, but since there isn't anything about "Halloween" in the bible, it seems like it's up to each person/family's convictions. I sort of think of it as a "meat sacrificed to idols" type thing, like in Romans chapter 14.


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