My Projects In Fresh Style Nov/Dec!

I am so thrilled about this, you guys!

So you know how I've done work in several issues of Fresh Style magazine? Well guess what is cool? They've gone from being a quarterly publication under the umbrella of Southern Lady to being their own independent publication! Yay, Fresh Style!! I'm so proud and excited for them! This first issue as their own publication, the November/December issue has some of the best projects yet, I loved it to death. And the kid's crafts section was once again created and photographed by yours truly! Holla!

Pick one up! They're everywhere. Walmart, Lowes...probably even your local grocery store! :O) Or you can get a subscription online, of course.

And a special thanks to my friends for loaning me their adorable children for this issue. (You all did great, cuties!!)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love how you have so much festive color in your pictures!! wow!

  2. So cool, Disney! Congratulations! How did you get into doing magazine articles in the first place?

  3. That's awesome! I wish I could get it in Australia.

  4. Yay Disney! If you ever want another model, Miles is a sucker for the camera :)


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