Christmas Snapshots

A few little snapshots of our Christmas this year! Minus the two sweet foster babies that I can't share photos of :( and my husband, who refuses to make appearances on R&S, haha.

We had a pretty simple Christmas this year. With Pokémon being the major theme of Paige's gifts (why are we encouraging this obsession? I don't know.) :O) It was the boys' first Christmas, so we took lots of photos and got them some cute little wooden toys. Of course, they were more interested in the packaging, true to baby-form!

We spent the morning with my parents, celebrating my mom's birthday and the rest of the day with some great friends from church and then ended it with the usual Wednesday night bible study that our church family has. Pretty great day!! I hope yours was the same.

This December was the weirdest ever! I didn't put up my tree until after Thanksgiving (late for me!) and took it down the day after Christmas, which I've never done in my life! The whole Christmas season was just lightning fast. And now it's almost January? 2014?? What???

And now...I go night-night. :O) I'm a little tired.

Happy almost-end of a great year!


  1. oh I agree Disney, this season went so fast!! I put my tree up on the 5th and it's still up, I'll probably take it down on the 5th :) Glad you had a fun Christmas, we had a quite one too - just family, lots of food and some sun! I forgot to take picture though :( except for a few of us kids opening presents and the table that's it :( probably why it's one of my New Years Resolutions :)

    love and hugs!
    Danielle xo

  2. TFS your Christmas photos. Happy New Year.

  3. Merry Christmas, Disney! Love the geometric fabric in the first two pictures! :)

  4. Ours was quick, too! It always seems to go too fast, but this year was just weird. In addition, my kids acquired pinkeye - one of those "gifts that keep on giving", lol. I woke up with it this morning after thinking we were all through. I wouldn't normally mind too much, but it meant no church for Christmas. Boo on that. I like your chalkboards. I have one and always take forever to decide what to put on it for Christmas - I mean, my mom is M-e-r-r-y Merry, my aunt is Holly, my late Father in law, Brother in law, and nephew all have the middle name of Jolly, and my EX -mother in law is Joy! Give me a break, my board ends up looking like our family tree, LOL!!!! Well, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, and Paige looks beyond excited with her Pokemon!

  5. Hi Disney! I wrote you an email last week - two weeks ago? - sometime around there LOL and I just wanted to make sure you got it. :) if not, my email is taleia_and_company at Have an awesome day!

  6. Lovely Christmas photos, Disney. I hope your New Year is a safe and happy one for your family.

  7. I've worked all over Christmas (8am-8pm Xmas and boxing day and 8pm-8am each night after until finishing this morn!) so it's been an odd December for me too, kinda feel like ive missed out on the festivites but looking forward to the new year all the same.
    Paige looks so pleased with her gifts! xx

  8. Merry Christmas! I always LOVE seeing glimpses into your life! :0) Ok, so this is off topic, but is that your purse that is behind you on the table? I lovelovelove it! Can I ask the brand/style? I would love to search for it online. Thank you, sweet Disney!

  9. I love the pic of you, pretty lady, fellow sister in Christ!
    Much Love and Peace


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