Simple Last-Minute Giftwrap with JoAnn's!

This is the last installment of "Celebrate the Season" posts I'm working on with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores and I'm really going to miss it! I've loved getting my surprise themes in the mail and getting out of town for the day with free money to spend at one of my favorite craft stores. Heaven! This month's theme was #FabulouslyFestive. I had something else in mind to do, but my giftcard was lost in the mail and then I couldn't get out of town because when you are a foster parent you have a million appointments every week and by the time I was able to go to JoAnn's for my supplies I realized that I would need to do something that you all could do last-minute. And I thought that if you're like me you probably still haven't wrapped your Christmas gifts and might enjoy some ideas for simple and pretty wrapping!

I looooooove wrapping presents, you guys! Don't you?? The thrill of a perfect corner or finding that unique present topper is seriously as enjoyable for me as giving the gift. I hate when I'm too busy and have to throw it in a bag. So depressing! I had the best time walking through JoAnn's looking for little sparkly Christmas things to add to my giftboxes. And since all the Christmas things were 70% off (seriously! 70% off! Run! Go! Now!!) each accent was only a few cents. It was exhilarating. :O)

I chose to go with a simple and monochromatic look with plain white and silver wrapping. (Tan and black wrapping is from the Target $ spot last year.)

Then I cut shapes from the wrapping like this bow and the polka dots (further down)
A sprig of winter foliage wrapped into a wreath to frame the recipient's name:
Or glued on top with a wrapping paper gift tag flag.
I also love using ornaments as a gift box topping. It's like a gift on a gift! 
This one is my favorite. I love the simplicity and 3D effect. Two bottle brush trees with a bit of felt glued underneath.
Or take a Sharpie to it:

And my second favorite is this last one. Golden winter berries cut from the sprig and glued on with a glue gun. Makes my heart so happy!!

Again, 70% right now, ladies. I don't think I really need to say any more about that. But you could use the same ideas with things lying around the house as well, you just have to get hunting!

Or you could use a gift bag. ;o) Everyone would still love you.
Here's your December coupon:

I hope you're enjoying the last few days of anticipation before the best ever day in the whole wide world. I am getting so excited!!



  1. I like the combination of colors. Golden color symbolizes happiness and wealthy, that is why the choice of this color is really nice, as if you are wishing all the best to the owner of the present.

  2. I love these ideas! So pretty! My favorite is the foliage sprig with the flag. =)


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