Bucket List

I think I've had a bucket list since I was about 5 years old. Were any of you that way as a kid? I can't remember a time when I wasn't dreaming of all the amazing things I'd do when I grew up. The list has slowly grown and evolved over the years, some things have been added, some kicked off.

And I realized something the other day: I'm grown up.

Well, not all the way. Probably not nearly as much as I thought I'd be by 28. :O) But enough to be chipping away at that list, my friends. Time to get it done! A year or two ago I had an email conversation with a guy that was really motivating/humiliating (something about me assuming he was a woman and offering to hug him...stupid gender-neutral names) and he told me something that has kind of stuck in my mind since then. He told me to stop saying "someday". Because of course someday never comes. Something we all know deep down, but for some reason fool ourselves into ignoring. So we turn the TV back on and "someday" our lives away. My life has been weird lately, and kind of depressing. I don't know. I think I've honed my people-pleasing skills to a fine and delicate art over the last 28 years and it's finally gotten to the point where I don't really feel like there is anything to me at all except the ability to make other people happy. But not even that, because no matter what I do, people are never happy. And I don't really understand it. And I'm kind of tired of it, actually. I think I need to pause and do a few things just for myself. Some challenging things! Even if they don't seem important or even to make sense. And everyone else can handle themselves for a while.

So! I bought some running shoes. (for number 11) Pink ones, so I know I won't fail at this...
And I downloaded my little "couch to 5k" app and plan to get started tomorrow. Because I can! So I should. And I will. :o)

I thought I'd share my list with you all, just for fun! So here we go, things I want to do, subject to change and in no particular order:   :O)

1. Get my pilot's license
2. Be able to do the splits (again. I used to do that as a kid!)
3. Invent something
4. Learn to play the guitar
5. Visit Scotland
6. See giraffes in the wild
7. Teach the world to smile again
8. Save a life
9. Learn to belly dance
10. Learn ballet
11. Run a marathon
12. Speak French
13. Visit France 
14. Paint an original masterpiece 
15. Go to Alt Summit
16. No. Speak at Alt Summit!
17. Live in New York city
18. Nail a 720 double flip
19. Feel beautiful
20. Give away all my possessions 
21. Camp on Shi Shi beach
22. Go to Disney Land
23. Learn to sail
24. Learn to surf
25. Hug strangers and not care what happens
26. Write a blog post without any typos. (OK that one's a joke. But SERIOUSLY!)
27. Write a craft book (Done! Nice!)
28. Have pink hair
29. Start a movement
30. Learn sign language
31. Get to know some friends with Downs Syndrome 
32. Be a missionary in a foreign country
33. Be AMAZING, like seriously AMAZING at something. Anything.
34. Learn to juggle. Not like, a schedule or anything, I've got to keep my goals somewhat reasonable... ;o) like apples or something.

That's all I've got for now. :O)
So do you have a bucket list? You should start one! It would be fun. And don't be afraid to list the super-scary things. The more of your list you accomplish, the less scary those things seem. You can do those things! You were made for it. You're incredible.

Have a happy little Wednesday. :O)

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who was willing to help support my Dad's new books! I'll have those promo codes sent out to you asap.


  1. I think you can already check off #8 now that you're a foster mama!!!

    1. Definitely agree! That's hard and compassionate work you and your family are doing for those sweet kiddos!

  2. Don't stop get it, get it..(that's me cheering you on!)

  3. you can learn French for free with duolingo.com. i'm learning Portuguese one of my bucket list items

  4. I have a bucket list. I've been keeping it for years. And there's a lot on yours that either was on or is on mine too :) I know this is the year I knock a few more of that list - and you can too! XOXO - Elle

    Visit me here: http://elleayess.blogspot.com/ :)

  5. These are some awesome goals! They make me feel happy and inspired just reading them! I think it is easy to get stuck in a "someday" mentality, especially when your life isn't exactly where you want it to be at the moment. I need to be better about doing things now that are important to me. Great reminder! :)

  6. I think your accomplishing #7 with this wonderful blog!!! Keep up the good work! (You may have inspired me to type out my own bucket list in tangible form!!)

  7. Disney, this is so cool, seriously, I had a bucket list once but forgot all about it because I thought it was too fantastical, I might just resurrect that list!

  8. You should learn ASL first, and then French! American Sign Language is about 60% the same as French Sign Language and therefore has French grammar! Once you learn the grammar, you can learn the vocabulary and apply the grammar rules. Plus, ASL is just awesome and I love it.

  9. I love this. And I love your pink shoes. I would love to be a runner... but I hate running (and I'm currently pregnant, so running is even LESS fun). I'll have to work on that one. I think I've downloaded and deleted the "couch to 5k" app about 3 times. Oy.

    I heard someone talking to a group of people the other day about how one of their talents was peeling oranges - that they were the best orange peeler and had spent a lot of time perfecting their craft. :) It was totally funny, but it got me thinking - my goals and achievements don't necessarily have to amaze the whole world.... maybe I could work on becoming the world's best toilet cleaner or be the best closet organizer or the best hair braider for my girly. As long as it's something that's helping me grow and learn and develop into a better person, then it's a worthwhile goal. That's something I've been trying to remember in the past few months.

  10. I am into running too and my goal is 5K run by end of december 2014.Love your list. Good luck dear..


  11. I think you can check off a few, #19 - you are already beautiful, inside and out! #28 - you had those pink tips which were so cool!! and number #33 - you are amazing at something, being you! No one else can be you like you can and that is amazing! Love this list, you are such a fun person!!

    Danielle xo

  12. Check off #7, teaching the world to smile… you do that daily, whether its in your home with your kiddos, or it's here on blog land. You are the daughter of a King! Under His Mercy❤

  13. Oh the power of writing it down and starting to do it! Love it. I can't say I have much expertise in any of those, but I did run a half marathon this fall (which is almost a marathon) and started running with my own made up version of Couch to 5K. You can do it!!! I know music is the most helpful thing to me when running, so here are some of my favorites that I hope can help you: Burn by Ellie Goulding, Overcomer by Mandisa (this one still gives me chills when I'm running), Pretty Young Thing by MJ, Roar by Katy Perry, On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons, Carry on by Fun., 1983 by Neon Trees (a lot of this album is good for runs!), and Canned Heat by Jamiroquai.

    Good Luck!!! You can do all of these things :)

  14. Loved your list, Disney! I agree with everyone above about numbers 7 and 8! Thank you for such inspiration!

  15. I had some friends in college who dubbed Feb. 29 "Someday." They would keep lists of all the things they said they wanted to do "someday" and then pick a few to actually attempt every Feb. 29. It doesn't work for long term goals, but for the short term ones, I think it's a good idea!

    Also, I second Jen's recommendation for #12. I love Duolingo's free iPhone app and have been using it for the last year, never having taken any French before. I like that you can complete a lesson while waiting for your coffee at Starbucks or in the car as you're waiting to pick someone up.

  16. You know how at the end of the post it says "other post you might enjoy"? Well it listed your $6.10 bedroom makeover. It had been a while since I read it, so I cruised through again. Anyone who can makeover their room using only stuff they have, and have it look that great is AMAZING! You regularly do that, so I would definitely say you are amazing at redecorating, re-using, and giving things new life. All kinds of things : ) Good luck with the rest of your list, dear Disney.

  17. For juggling, start by tossing one object up and down and watching it out of your peripheral view until you're super good at catching the object. Lacrosse balls are what I learned with. They're a consistent weight and good size. :) Let me know if you have questions. I'm no expert, but I learned well enough to juggle 3 objects during a live performance. :)

  18. Oh Disney, I can totally relate! I'm a people pleaser too, but no matter how hard i try they just always get unhappy again. I know that you know that, but let me just type it out: ITS NOT YOUR JOB! Let God give them his joy :) You are an amazing person and I pray that God will give you strength and the right perspective. And when you make it to disney land you can totally crash at my place. <3

  19. Disney!!!! I wish I was closer to you because I could teach you ASL!!!
    I have a bucket list too. It includes things like going to Paris and holding a monkey (haha I guess it's mostly animal stuff!)

  20. learn to juggle? easy! if you want, buy the book juggling for dummies my kids got it for me 10 years ago...im 53 now! in no time you will be juggling, its so much fun, and impressive, hahaha. good luck disney! sharon

  21. I get what you mean about the people pleasing. Most of the time I don't really know what I want anymore cause I have set who I am aside for so long. Like you I am sick of it, but when you are in your 50's and trying to figure out who you are, I mean who God really made you to be it takes awhile to figure out. It gets so frustrating at times.

  22. #7: you make me (and all your other readers, I'm sure) smile every time you blog.
    #19: you should. Cause you are.
    #33: you ARE amazing!! At many things. I often envie your creativity and your ability to make something wonderful out of nothing. And you are an amazing optimist.

    So. Go check off at least 3 items off your list!

  23. Sweetie--You have # 33 all wrapped up, between your creative crafting and your blogging. You are amazing at both--note all the readers and the people who do your projects. Admit and own those talents.

  24. you've already done, and are doing #33! thank you for always making me (us) smile with your blog posts :-D

  25. Hi Disney, I think you've accomplised number 7, to teach the world to smile....i'm all the way in Indonesia and your blog posts and IG posts always make me smile :) blessings!

  26. Just tried to post a comment and I think it got lost...
    I was catching up on the blog and really love this post! I feel really similarly (and am also 28!) and I think you've just inspired me to write my own bucket list- even if something seems impractical, might as well write it down and dream, right?
    I wanted to say that if you get to a point of really wanting to see giraffes in the wild, my husband and I work in Tanzania and live a few hours from a safari park. I would be happy to provide some food and accommodation for my favorite blogger if you make the trip over there! Seriously! Here's my email: rachkatt at gmail dot com.
    Or, you could just come live over there with us and cross off being a foreign missionary too. :)
    Thanks for another inspiring post. Many blessings to you!

  27. When I turned 29 I made a "30 things to do before turning 30" list. I made the goals something that I felt like could be done within the year (like nothing outside of my financial situation) and it was fun! I still have the list, not everything got checked off, maybe I'll update it to 37 things.

  28. If you go to Shi shi let me know we've taken our kids there and would love to join you/help with little ones! ;)
    It's fun to go camping with a group! I LOVE this list FYI, and that you are really doing some of them, makes me want to keep dreaming too! :)


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