Easy DIY Party Streamers!

Sharing these fun little party streamers over on A Subtle Revelry this month! These are the easiest things ever, if you can cut a circle, you can make them! :o)

Click over to get the tutorial!
Love you!
(that's me grabbing your face with both my hands and kissing you on the cheek because I seriously can't stand how much I love you and that's what I always want to do with people that I really like but don't because I'm afraid that they'll think I'm crazy or romantically interested in them or both...that's normal, right?)


  1. Completely normal, yes ! In France we always kiss each other on the cheeks (but actually without grabing the face with 2 hands...) when we meet in the street, or when we arrive at work every morning, etc...
    So I'm not shocked at all :-)

  2. Disney! Goodness, I've been following your posts for a couple years now and still just love them.....especially since I now have a little one on the way and have a reason to do some of these projects!
    Just wanted to drop by and say hello and I think you're wonderful. Keep up the everything, proud mama. <3
    -- Kristen

  3. Disney, I just love you! You're so cute, and such a beautiful, caring person. I love your blog--I love the crafts and hearing about your foster babies, and I'm inspired to be a foster mom someday (I'm in college now, so they probably wouldn't let me have a baby, but someday!) God bless you and your family! <3

  4. [x] back at cha"! I needed that little smooch today!

  5. My little girls love this craft, they call "snake craft". We used paper instead of felt. Thanks very much for sharing!


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