Girl(s) Crush! Ascot + Hart

Ugh, you guys, I'm so obsessed. It's embarrassing.
I don't remember how I found Laura Wiertzema (aka @ascotfriday) on Instagram, but as soon as I had I was absolutely in love with her. She's just so stinkin' cool in the way that I've always wished I was. I totally want to copy everything she does. (For some reason my husband wouldn't let me chop my hair off and dye it a beach-comber blonde like hers. Whatever.)

Anyway, through her I found her bestie Jen Coleman and their recent colab Ascot + Hart. Check it out, it has really cool stuff. Like this hat. Which I just bought. And will probably wear every day for a good while.

Just wanted to gush a little!

Have a good Thursday! All the kids are throwing up here. Bleah. :O)
Love you!

P.S. I totally got their last names wrong in this post at first. How embarrassing! Sorry, ladies!


  1. Ahh, the joys of motherhood, Disney!

  2. Just be your awesome are one of a kind..the beach comber blonde is over rated and totally unoriginal. Don't kid yourself you are beautiful exactly the way you are, red hair and all. ;-)

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