Happy Little Printables :O)

I've been dinking around in Pixelmator and I made these little art printables for you guys! Just click each image to get to the enlarged version and then drag it to your desktop.
The first one I made for Paige, actually. I've been meaning to make something for her room with a positive message. I chose these words because I guess I think a lot about beauty. Not the superficial kind, but the kind that is all around us in tiny little things that we sometimes take for granted. Like white hair and cloudy days and dandelions and the way people are so different from each other. I think things seem beautiful to me because a thing always reflects or represents its creator in some way. Sometimes its creator is THE Creator and sometimes it's just some guy in a factory in China. But the thing is, that guy in the factory is such an incredibly beautiful thing that even the piece of plastic he's working on seems beautiful. I just love that humans are so creative and capable. Do you ever just think about how amazing it is that we can make the things we do?? It's unbelievable. What a fabulous existence.

There's my bit of midnight philosophy for you all! You're welcome. :o)

In other news, baby #2 (we're foster parents, if you're new) has been awake at night every hour for the last week or so and we have no idea why. So tonight I decided to outsmart him and just stay up! I just realized that I put him to bed almost 5 hours ago and he hasn't. woken. up. Which means I could have just slept for 5 hours. And I have to wake him up early for his visit with mom in the morning. Hmm.
Oh. Hey. There he is now! :O)

Have a good night/morning, friends!


  1. Babies totally have a sixth sense. As soon as you're ready to lay down, they know and they wake up. I swear my two year old still does this on purpose :)

  2. thanks for all of your wonderful posts!!! What kind of camera do you use. Your pics are always so beautiful!!!!

  3. i love your outlook. it is truth. it is beautiful. thank you for sharing His awesomeness in YOU. blessings~~angela

  4. i'm always so blessed after reading your inspirational posts. been following you for quite some time and finally decided to post a comment. what a selfless and caring heart you have to foster the two babies. i pray that you will continue to seek strength and patience through our heavenly Father. and your sweet paige is a doll!

  5. Hi Disney! Love the way you see the world, it's so inspiring!
    Thanks so much for the printables, I'm going to stick the "Let's do this" one at the desk in my brand new job.
    Rin xx

  6. maybe baby#2 has developed lactose intolerance or has night asthma? Our son was adopted at 13 months old and was a formula milk based baby until one year old with no problem. Within 6 months of getting custody of him, when he changed to regular milk instead of formula, he was up all the time at night crying. We finally figured out on our own it was the fact he must have been gassy due to the unexpected onset of lactose intolerance. Once he was given lactose free milk, the crying at night immediately ended so we knew that was the cause of the crying. I don't know your foster child's ethnicity (our son is Asian) but rates of lactose intolerance are higher in Asians, African Americans, and Hispanics. Also might be night asthma if the child is young and cannot communicate pain or discomfort other than crying. Our daughter (also adopted) had undiagnosed asthma at 6 months + (until they are two, it is called respiratory distress syndrome) and would wake up ALOT (as in 5-6 times a night daily)crying because she couldn't breathe but was too little to tell us she couldn't breathe so she cried :( We were told by other adoptive parents it was "grieving" but actually in both cases, it was TOTALLY medical reasons for why they woke up so often at night. Both are now happy campers once asthma meds and lactose free milk were found as solutions for their individual reasons for crying at night. Silent reflux is another one that is a common reason for kids crying at night :( Hope this helps!


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