I'm so excited about this!! Dana of MADE has started her youtube show "MADE EVERYDAY with Dana" of video tutorials and oh my goodness are they awesome. So clear and professional and fun. Plus it's just really cool to hear her voice. :o)

Go and subscribe! Now is your chance to say you knew her before she was on HGTV! :O) Because I fully expect her to be snatched up any day and put on the bigger screen. Go, Dana! You're so my hero.

Happy weekend, guys!


  1. I just sewed 2 pillow shams this morning after watching this video the other day! I love Dana and her blog!!!!! SO inspiring.

  2. I also love your blog and have been following forever!! Felt a little bad leaving love for MADE and none for you :)

  3. Hopped straight over to have a look. Brilliant!

  4. Amazing! And I'm not simply talking about Dana and her youtube channel but also about your whole blog! I've just find u and I cannot go through one day without passing here checking if you've post something new! From italy with love best wishes for a new year full of wonder! Roberta


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