Board Games!

You guys, I came across the coolest online shop recently!

It's called "Board Games" and it is full of handmade kids toys and furniture created from recycled skateboard decks. What?! So cool! It's run by a really nice guy named Jason who is pretty awesome for so many reasons: he skateboards (obviously cool), he has trouble throwing things away (my kind of people), he's from Portland (northwest! yes!), and he uses grip tape as sandpaper.

When I saw his shop I knew I HAD to share it with you guys, and he graciously sent me some things to play around with. Paige (along with her little friend) loved them! But seriously, I think I loved them more. I was so excited when I opened that package, it was a little embarrassing! But they are really that cool, so impressive. Really great craftsmanship. And these were only some of the little things in his shop.

Check out those chairs!! Couldn't you die?

Thank you so much, Jason! Paige says thank you as well. :O)
Please visit his shop to see all his handmade board-goodies! And bookmark it for the next little dude (or dudette) who has a birthday so you can get some serious cool points. (You could also buy those beads for my birthday if you want...just throwing that out there. ;o))

Tomorrow's Monday, which is always a good thing. I hope your week is having a happy start! :O)


  1. fun, and i love the play on words for the shop name.

  2. Seriously...did Paige pick her outfit? Because it's pretty much the coolest thing I've seen in awhile...

  3. Oh my goodness your little girl and her skateboard, 'do, and Star Wars tee! She is FAB!!

    PS Your hair is beautiful.


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