Snowy Forest Pillow

I made this a while ago. :o) I forgot to show you! It's kind of like the Butterfly Collection pillow, but wintery. :O) Cool. And I glued the trees on this time instead of sewing.

...That's about all I've got tonight. :)
Take care!


  1. Nicely done!! Very creative design of that pillow made it pretty much innovative pillow design... Good work and thanks for the high quality images!!

  2. The pillow looks very stylish. It is always so pleasant to decorate all the furniture and clothes by yourself, inventing different things and funny ideas. I guess it is very simple to decorate the pillow in such a way and it is very attractive in this idea of d├ęcor.

  3. This is SERIOUSLY adorable. I absolutely love it -- and I love how easy it is!

  4. May I ask what kind of glue you used for felt-on-felt? I have a felt project now and I can't find the right glue to glue felt pieces onto felt. Thank you!


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