March 19, 2014

30 Days of Happy!

I'm getting ready to do this.

uggghhh. Things have been so poopy around here lately!! Honestly! The attitude here (my own) has been not. good. I'm slowly working on the deeper reasons (something about my anchor being in our God rather than family, church family, you, or any other circumstances) but for some short-term peppiness in order to help things along we're doing "30 Days of Happy"! Which means that for 30 days we are going to focus on being happy and positive and doing things that bring us joy.

I'm so excited to do this! I don't really have an exact plan, but I have a few ideas to get started. For example: homeschool? Not doin' it!! (partaaaaay!) OK, we'll definitely be learning during this time, but not as formally as we usually do. We're doing more hands-on stuff and less textbook. Rediscover the joy of learning. Paige is thrilled to death! We're also going to be putting up some good verses about joy and gratefulness around the house to keep it fresh in our minds.

I'll be blogging our adventure, so hopefully you'll come along for the ride and maybe be cheered a little yourself! Goodness knows we all need it. Between you and me, I think this world is just really depressing sometimes. So much darkness. So many meanies. But we can't let them win. Light is more powerful than darkness.

Wish us luck! We're officially starting tomorrow, so I'll begin blogging about it on Friday. See you then!

Love you! :o)


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.

  2. Dear Disney, this is just amazing what you are going to do! Last month i found this site where people are challenged to be happy for 100 days: I didn't register, instead i have made a diary where I'm writing what made me happy on that day. You don't have to be happy all day every day, just to be happy every day.
    Have fun!

  3. I do wish you luck! Enjoy it and, hopefully, you won't be counting the days any more :)

  4. :D This sounds fabulous!!! I am going to do this!! :D

  5. Looking forward to this! Wishing you the best (^_^)

  6. Sounds like a great plan to jolt you out if it. Hope it makes a difference in how you're feeling, and I'm happy you will be posting the adventure!

  7. Disney this is just in time for March 20th's International Day of Happiness. I just received an email from Youtube about multiple videos for Pharrell Williams single Happy. Lots of dancing, from Hong Kong, Budapest, Paris and Sydney. Check it out the song itself might lift your spirits.

    1. Oh my goodness, I had no idea! Awesome! And seriously, thank you so much for telling me about that song. Totally on repeat here now. I love the dancing!! :O)

  8. Here's a quote about the value of light in the darkness, that I am fond of: "A candle is a protest at midnight. It is non-conformist. It says to the darkness, 'I beg to differ.'" ~ Samuel Rayan Yes, we all need the light. Greetings, Barb

  9. Yay! Good luck and enjoy this 30 days!!

  10. have a great time, looking forward to see your posts :)

  11. Sounds like a fun month around here! I think that's a great idea! I think we all get in a slump sometimes and need a little boost! I also love the bag you posted today. That fabric is awesome, and I love the anchor on it. That seagull fabric will be really cute as a bag too! I also love to create---and think that it is crucial to do often for my happiness too. :)

  12. I LOVE that you are doing this! I get do down about the horrible state of things in the world/society, so often, that I find it hard to see the good. Thank you for inspiring me to focus on joy and happiness!


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