March 21, 2014

Happy Day 2: Plants!

There is something about plants that makes me really happy. I kill them fairly quickly, but that's ok because I love the ritual of going to Lowe's and picking out a few small plants for our house every few months. I got to do that today and it made me happy! I got these lush little lovelies for our bedroom which I recently (finally) cleaned and dude-that makes me happy!

I realized as I was snapping a couple of photos of the new foliage that you guys haven't seen our room since it was this hideous taupe/purple color. At least I don't think you have? So I snapped a few more shots of some details around the room. Nothing terribly impressive, but in case you're the curious type. ;o)

As think as life gets busier and more complicated, we keep simplifying our bedroom decor so that it feels more calm and stress-free. At least that's the idea. In truth, we usually keep it "decorated" with piles of dirty and clean laundry. :o) I sure would love to conquer that habit one of these days! :O)

But todays it's clean and has fresh plant air, so I'm happy.

Have a happy day!


  1. There is also a Storm Trooper. Awe. Some!!!.

  2. Another happy thing is your chance. I love that perfume

  3. your happiness about plants make me happy. but the thing that's making me super happy right now is that storm troop chillin' in the background :) God bless sister!

  4. We have plants growing in my kitchen window---one in a hot pink pot! :) It makes me happy seeing how big they are getting! I like your plants, and that rug in your bedroom is so cool! I love it!

  5. I used to have a lot of plants in the house but some of them caught an illness and withered. I was so disappointed. How are these plants called? I would like to have the same ones.

  6. Storm Trooper in the corner. Makes me happy!!!!!

  7. You and I wear the same perfume!

  8. it does look pretty in there!!! our bedroom gets piled up also. ughhh constantly cleaning!! lol ur super cute w blonde hair and trucker hat w a cute baby on ur hip!!! i love it!!!

  9. Hey, I wear that perfume too! And I made a denim skirt with polka dots so I guess we kinda match! :D


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