Happy Day 3: Dance

If you're aiming for a happy mood, I highly recommend this song! But you have to actually watch the video, because people dancing is the best thing ever. I have this weird habit of imagining what God thinks about when he watches people. Have you ever watched your own kids dance? The cuteness and hilarity just brings me to tears when Paige busts her moves. And when the babies stand and just bob their chubby legs to the music. It kills me! I imagine that's how God feels when he sees his little humans dancing and being happy.

Try it. Dancing. It'll make you happy.


P.S. Thanks to reader Tiffany for suggesting this song! You're the best! I'm not at all up on current...anything...so I love recommendations!
P.P.S. Also, don't be insecure about looking funny when you dance. When people see other people dancing they usually secretly think: "Whoa. Dude's got confidence. I wish I did." People might make fun of you, but really they just want to be you. So don't worry about it. You're awesome.


  1. I truly appreciate all of your incredible positive energy! Your posts always put me in such a great mood! :)

  2. The music video was really great! Sometimes I imagine what God thinks when He watches us humans, too. When I see other people dancing in what seems like random situations, I usually think, "That seems so fun! I wish I had enough confidence to join in." And dancing really does make people happy!

  3. Love this song/video Disney, thanks for sharing! I'm going to play it for my girls when they get up from nap, then it's dance party time in our house ;) I often think about what The Lord sees/thinks about us on earth, how hurt He might be by our choices :( but He is Sovereign over all things and there is peace and joy in knowing that… looking forward to the REAL "good life" in Heaven… but until then we will dance on 😉❤💕

  4. I bet you'd love this version! People with Down's Syndrome dance to the song - it's wonderful! God bless you.



    1. What a lovely video, thanks for sharing, God bless

  5. This is my FAVORITE song right now. I listen to it whenever I need a pick-me-up because it really does make me so happy! I think it's awesome that you're posting things about happiness every day — and I do believe that God watches us and wants us to be happy. So of course He loves watching us dance. :)

  6. This song is totally in my head today as my sweet hubby played us the video this morning, I love it! Great minds think alike! :) I'm so happy..... :)

  7. LOVE LISTENING & viewing "HAPPY!" THANKS for the music video.... HAPPY must have been sung over 100 times! So many HAPPY dancing people in the video. Pharrell is COOL! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  8. Thank you so much for this deep sensation of happiness, I've already watched this video 3 times and put it on my facebook page to share it with my friends !
    How are the little boys, still both at yours ? And what about your adoption plans ?
    Greetings from France.

  9. U Can't be sad after that song. Thanks for the pick me up, D.

  10. Thank you Disney! I had heard the song but not seen the video. So awesome! We had a family dance party last night, one of our favorite things to do, the highlight of the night was watching my two year old attempt the Chicken Dance. It was so fun!!!

  11. ohhh we love to dance our new favorite happy song is Mercy Me Shake! And the video for that song is super fun too!!

  12. ohhh we love to dance our new favorite happy song is Mercy Me Shake! And the video for that song is super fun too!!

  13. I LOVE this! And I needed it this morning. Thanks! And I totally agree, watching kids bust out moves and babies bob to the groove is the best. I'm pretty sure God loves to see us dancing in sheer joy and gladness with thankful hearts. That's why David did it without holding back.


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