DIY Crepe Paper Carnations!

When I threw a baby shower for a friend recently I wanted lots of flowers, so I decided to DIY a few. I feel like half of the projects I make are flowers, I love flowers!! These carnations are made out of crepe paper and wire flower stems. 

What you need:

  • Fold a 15'' length of crepe paper in half, then in half again, etc., until it is about an inch wide.

  • Use sewing scissors to snip the ends to create a frayed look. For a scalloped petal edge, snip three rounded bumps in the top.

  • Roll the strip up, bunching the bottom up as you go.

  • It should look like this when you're done.

  • Poke a wire stem through the top and pull downward until it isn't visible in the flower anymore. Wrap tape around the bottom of the bloom.

 Wouldn't these be great in a wreath or a flower crown? Carnations have always been one of my favorite flowers. :O) I think because they are one of the first flowers that I knew by name when I was little. My mother taught me about them and I thought they were the prettiest thing.

Hope you're having a great night! Right now I'm listening to the rain hit the stairwell to our basement and it is the best sound. I love spring rain!!


  1. They are such pretty flowers, Disney. I will tell my girl to check them out as she is always decorating for church events including lots of baby showers. Thanks heaps.

  2. You are so talented, Disney! At first sight they almost looked like real flowers to me. Very lovely indeed. ~x~ Tasneem

  3. I totally thought they were real...super cute! Although I'm not sure I can get mine to look as good, but I sure will try! Thanks Disney!

  4. LOVELY CARNATIONS created from crepe paper in Lavender & pink! Thanks for the tutorial, flowers made with a minimum items. Gorgeous as they look "REAL!" Disney, you are talented! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  5. I love paper flowers and yours are gorgeous! I'll be sharing this in a Mother's Day round-up on The Crafty Crow soon!

  6. Beautiful! Can you post s tutorial for the leaves too? I think they are magic to making the flowers even more real!

  7. Most people think of Carnations as filler flowers but I just love them. They are just the happiest flower and I think it can go with most other flowers. Our Youngest daughter is getting married and I have been trying different flowers and they are coming out so beautiful. Thank you so much for the tutorial I could have done it with out your help. Thank you so much in making her day so beautiful.

  8. Very pretty. Thanks :)


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