Happy Day 15!

Happy little Etsy finds: click the photo to find the source!

(Ok, this last one isn't etsy, but it's great)  :o)
Today was full of good things. Both baby boys didn't have visits with bio moms, so we got some unexpected extra time with them and that was great! I got to meet with some ladies from church for a little study on being careful with our words. I made homemade soup. From scratch! Yay, me! And then we visited with good friends for the rest of the night. What a great day. :O)

My head is throbbing and I can't wait to plop into bed! Pillow, here I come! This is going to be awesome. :O)

Have a great day!


  1. Nonononono!! Not "bio moms" for better ir worse these women are still their mothers. Until you actually adopd one of them NEVER forget you are just the forster parent. And even if you get to kepp one, don't ever be this derogatory to his mother. The woman is not just a breeder!!!

    1. I don't think family is about sharing DNA, I think it's about love and sacrifice. You might be ok with my term if you knew the circumstances. ;)

    2. Oh but I'm sorry if I seemed derogatory, that wasn't my intent at all. :)

    3. Anonymous, please cut Disney some slack. She is so wise for her age and you have no idea what a day in her shoes is like. Anyone who spends any time around here knows she would never be intentionally rude or hurtful here. She typed what she typed. Get over it.

  2. Oh Disney you didnt sound derogatory, you just sound like you were happy to have them some extra unexpected hours since ther moms didnt show up. "Bio moms" its not a derrogatory term is a fact, just as foster mom and adoption mom. They dont mean one or the other are superior they just mean the rol each of you play in the little boys life. Those boys are so luck to have you in their lifes and to have a big sister like Paige


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