April 11, 2014

Happy Day 22: Game Changer!

You guys, we eat food now!!

 I mean we've always eaten food, I guess. Usually from a can or a crinkly bag. Most of you already know that because you've met me. (If you're new: Hi, I'm Disney and I don't cook!) It's not that I CAN'T cook, it's just that I'd rather die THAN cook. Do you see the distinction? And honestly, cooking doesn't really bother me (other than the debatable time waste, I mean it's so much quicker to open a bag of Sun Chips or Skittles) but it's kind of the dishes that get me. Everyone has that one chore that they hate doing, and mine is dishes. It's a fate worse than death. I've heard of people who love doing dishes and who find it therapeutic and relaxing and I wish with all my heart that I had an attitude like that!

But enough about dishes, because guess what? They're not my problem anymore! My dear friend Jenna recently introduced me to these babies...
Slow. Cooker. Liners. 
Slow cooker liners.
I created this little graphic work of art to explain how I feel about them, a feeling that couldn't be put into words. They're a game changer, friends! Game. Changer. I make food for my family now. Like, daily! You throw a liner in the crock pot, you throw meat and veggies in the crock pot. You press the button and in a few hours there is a magic dinner in there and your husband loves you. *No dishes.*

And the best part is that these liners create a sense of dignity and confidence that make you want to branch out and cook other things! (In your crock pot. In the liner.) I even minced fresh garlic the other day, and I liked it. Who knows what I'll do next! I've been experimenting with salads, too, which is why today's photo has nothing to do with crock pots. Sorry. I would share my recipes, except that I literally just chop up a few veggies and throw in whatever beef or chicken we have. Although a friend did give me an awesome BBQ pork recipe that I tried and it was amazing!!

So I know that to you "meal-preparers" out there (God bless you) this post probably seems really laughable, and that's ok! Because I know that my busy(*cough*lazy*cough*) friends out there who have a hard time putting home cooked meals on the table are going to feel me and be so thankful for this info. Ladies, I know you're out there. You don't have to raise your hand, but I know you're with me.   :o)


  1. Good on you Disney for finding something that works for you and for sharing it. I'm most definitely a meal preparer but those liners sound AWESOME! Not sure if you can get them in New Zealand but I'll keep an eye out.

    1. Thanks, Meg!! Also, I love it when you guys say "good on you"-it's so cute!! :)

  2. I have to admit something horrible. A couple of weeks ago I used my crockpot without a liner (for the first time ever) and I haven't cleaned it out. I seriously have to throw it away now. These are life savers. My mom told me about them :)

    1. Haha, you are too funny!! I definitely have some similar stories in my past :)

  3. I know what you mean! I like cooking but it's the cleaning up that sucks. We don't have a dishwasher either so it totally sucks, my brother is in the habit of just leaving his dishes in the sink and walking away. If my mum cooks she cleans as she goes and I've recently go into the habit of doing that and it save SOOOO much time afterwards - it's just the cutlery and plates. I think I will have to try and find those liners and I HATE cleaning the crockpot! I've never seen them before here in Aus so I will have to have a little looksie at the shops next! Good for you for admitting you hate dishes - my least favourite chore is vacuuming and dishes but I do both anyway in turn with my mum! :) xo

  4. Aluminum foil and foil pans are my favorite. I don't mind dishes though. I abhor cleaning the bathroom. All of it. I'd rather move than clean it. x

  5. Yeah you and I could totally be friends...I haaaaaate cooking. I really do. After 10 year ago trying to get on board nd having people tell me I'll grow to love it, I just don't. It's not my thing. It's always the first chore that suffers when I'm stressed or sick. Bleh. The cleaning up afterwards stinks too. It's all not my favorite. I'll have to try these. I love my crock pot...when I remember that I do in fact hold the responsibility of providing some meal at of the day for my family and I need to turn the sucker on. I'm such a dork.

  6. hehe this post cracked me up. i'm not a huge fan of cooking either (it's so temporary - sewing is a better use of my time!) but i do cook. only discovered my crock pot recently and i'm in love with it, though. love root beer pulled pork; chili is another good one (ground beef, onions/peppers/beans, spices, and walk away). oh and you should try this one if you haven't yet - so good on rice with a little flavor (cilantro lime?) and great for lunches on the go. i think you can freeze/reheat it too: http://www.budgetbytes.com/2011/07/taco-chicken-bowls/

  7. I hate cooking too!!! I can cook, I just don't like doing it. I love my crockpot as well! If I get it going in the morning after picking up the house-it's so wonderful to have the rest of the day to craft! I'm all about 4 ingredients or less!
    Frozen chicken breasts & dry onion soup mix- poured on top -in the crockpot-wonderful! Add a salad, wa-la done! So good. Im all about easy.

  8. Yeah... These are kinda great. The first time I ever used one, I picked up the clean crock pot and ran around the house showing it to everyone. I do feel kinda guilty about adding to landfills though.


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