Happy Day 27: Behind the Scenes

It has been a long, fabulous day! Every two months I have a handful of projects that I do for Fresh Style magazine and I seriously cannot get them done until the day of my deadline. What's wrong with me?? :O) So that's what I did today! It wasn't easy getting them all done in a day with the babies and all their little baby needs :o) my husband helps watch them when he can, but he's gotta work too of course. And I'm on this health cleanse thing right now so I couldn't help thinking how much more the creativity would be flowing if I had an iced coffee and strawberry poptarts!
Anyway, as crazy and sometimes stressful as it is, I love my every-two-month ritual of whirlwind crafting. And I so wish that I could blog about the projects I make! Especially for those of you in areas that don't get this magazine.

The last two photos are just vases I made a long time ago at the pottery painting place in town. I love them! I love that place! In my fantasy world I would invite you all to a fabulous painting tea party there and visit with you until I knew you all like family. That would be so lovely!

Have a great day today!
Love you!


  1. I see glitter... and pink. Those must have been some beautiful projects then. Can't go wrong with pink and glitter, now can you? :-)

  2. Those vases are really pretty! What a fun shop that must be! And how I'd love to get to know you like family! This has been a really fun series. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :)

  3. Ya I hear ya on the deadline thing. I'm almost done with my littles Easter dresses. First time to not be up super late the night before. :) Where did you get your succulents?

    1. These came from Home Depot, but I've seen great ones at lowes and walmart as well!

  4. These pictures make me happy. They're so beautiful, each and every one.

  5. HI. I may be the only weird one but I'm totally interested in what type of health cleanse you are doing. I am in need of a "sugar reset" and in the past I've done the anti-candida diet. But I'm basically just looking for a plan to get back to healthy eating and stop craving all this bad stuff. Heard 21 day fix is good but I'm more of a "do it yourself, don't pay for it" type person. So if you feel like sharing, that'd be nice. And if not, I get it.

  6. Haha, no, not weird! I'm doing the master cleanse, which I've done before and is a good one if you're ok with extreme cleanses and if you're a little on the impatient side, like me. (It's only ten days) but I've heard great things about juice cleanses, which I'm guessing are a little easier on your body. I have a major sugar problem, too, it stinks!! :)


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