Little Threads: Lilac Lady

We haven't done of one these in a while. Mostly because paige usually throws on the first half-clean t-shirt dress she can find and runs outside with big smiles and rats in her hair. But today I told her to pick out an actual outfit when she got dressed and here is what we got. What looks like a white layering shirt is actually a scarf tied around her waist, haha, love it! Kids are so creative. Impressively, her look is actually pretty on trend! Statement necklace? Check. Glamour-casual juxtaposition? check. Chambray? Check. (P)leather skirt? Check! Pretty good, little padawan.  
Headband: handmade via this tutorial 
Sunglasses: Claire's 
Necklace: Brickyard Buffalo 
Shirt: L.E.I. 
Scarf: handmade with Ruffle Fabric 
Skirt/shoes: thrifted
Teddy bear purse: Gund (thrifted)

Have a good day, darling ones!


  1. Your child is incredibly adorable! And has a very good fashion eye :)

  2. Oh my gosh, cutest thing ever!! Can I have her outfit?? Haha actually, I could probably recreate it pretty well

  3. Paige is so very cute and the photos are just lovely as are the colours. She must treasure these moments with her Mum!

  4. too cute!!!! please tell how you curl her lovely hair!!! i love those big curls and would love to try to replicate them!

  5. A FAB PHOTO SHOOT of Paige . . . sporting a stylish outfit, INDEED! Spring means lilacs are blooming . . AHHH, I can almost smell the lovely fragrance. THANKS for sharing. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  6. She is so adorable. What a great backdrop for photos. You need to get that third photo blown up and printed. It's gorgeous!

  7. I can not believe how grown up Paige looks! I started following you two years ago and she was just an adorable little girl! She is quite the little lady now! And as pretty as her mama! ♥

  8. She's so beautiful! I love kids' outfit choices. Only my daughter (who is almost three) wants to live in the same shirt night and day, so it's not too fun!


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