June 21, 2014

DIY Floral Photo Hanger for Fresh Style Blog!

My latest project for the Fresh Style blog is this gorgeous floral photo hanger! Isn't so fresh and summery and all-around wonderful? I really love it in our room. A lot of the time I will style things in my home for photoshoots and then take them right down, but this one is definitely staying for a while.

And look how sweet that little face in the photo is! It was taken on Paige's first birthday, back when I could force her to wear all the pretty pink frilly things I wanted. How much she has changed!

So head over to the Fresh Style blog for the super easy how-to! And look for more of my projects in the July/August issue, featuring one of my favorite bloggers/designers, Joy Cho. Love her, she is so bubbly and fun and inspiring! And she is just taking over the world right now, I love it. :O)

Goodnight! :o)
I looooooove you!!! (scary face with clenched hands because I love you SO much!)


  1. Really cute.I really love it but I would put it up in my home because it just wouldn't fit. It would be nice to have a slightly less floral version for those less frill inclined (or maybe for a boy's room) it would be a great way to display their latest masterpieces).

    1. Thank you!! I've made some other versions too, with painted designs. In fact, I have a black and white tribal printed one in the boys' room that I love! I'll post it soon!

  2. This is LOVELY! It really stages the photo. You have a great sense for these things.

    1. Thanks, mom!! :) um, unless this is just another "Brenda w." Then...thanks, Brenda! ;)


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