Hoh Rain Forest!

900 miles. I've driven 900 miles over the last four days! And it was so worth it!
We took a little family vacation this week, which may not exactly have been wise if we were looking for rest, considering the fact that we have a 12 month old and a 17 month old, but it was a lot of fun. ;o)
When I was younger, we lived in Aberdeen so our family would hop up to the beach and rainforest fairly often. This was the first time I'd been back to the rain forest since I was a kid and it was so, so wonderful! On the way I told my husband that I was worried it wouldn't be as grand or impressive now that I'm an adult, but I was totally wrong. It was better! What an incredible creation. I can't even believe how gorgeous it is, I could just get lost in there forever. The moss, the ferns, the foxgloves, the million-foot tall evergreens.

Paige was suitably impressed as well. I freaked her out by eating a clover, which she thought was the coolest thing, so of course she had to stop every 20 feet for the rest of the hike and eat one to "keep her strength up". :O) When we got back to the visitor center she got a shiny gold "Jr. Ranger" badge complete with a swearing in ceremony. It was all very serious and official and adorable.

Then we took an unplanned stop at Ruby Beach and headed on to Ocean Shores! The boys LOVED the beach. They were flinging sand and literally rolling around in it, enjoying themselves thoroughly. Especially baby "B", he's in such and exploring stage and I think he loved being able to mess up the whole beach without getting in trouble or hearing "no". :O)

And now...I'm so glad we're home. :o) To rest. Phew!

Hope your summer's off to a good start as well!
Love you!

P.S. Major thanks to my dad, who when he heard I was going drove and hour and a half to give me his L glass lens so I could get better pictures. :o) He's the best dad ever. 


  1. I've never been to Ruby Beach before! It's up near Klaloch, isn't it? We have been looking for new places to adventure to this summer and Ruby Beach was highly recommended.

  2. Love Ruby Beach! When I saw the first picture of it I recognized it instantly and smiled. We were there twice during May . . .so beautiful and magnificent. We went there for our honeymoon 27 years ago and every few years since. Glad you got to share the Olympic Peninsula and Pacific Ocean with your children. Good memories!

  3. How gorgeous - I wish you'd move back to the west side of the state! I think I told you before my MIL grew up in Aberdeen too. We go up to the Sound a lot but I've never been to Ruby Beach!

  4. Small world! I didn't realize you were in WA too!
    We plan to head out there this Summer with our girls as well.
    I love staying in our state for the Summer:)


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