July 21, 2014

Baby Shower Brunch

We had a sweet little brunch at my house last Saturday for a friend at church who recently had a sweet baby boy. Brunches are my favorite! I love breakfast foods because they are basically just dessert, and mini muffins and cupcakes are the cutest things ever.
Besides the food ;o) my favorite part of the shower was the little ABC book we put together for him. Each guest got to decorate a page with a picture that started with the letter on their page and it was so funny and cute to see what people drew! There were some surprisingly good artists and some great senses of humor. (The "P" page was drawn by baby's grandma. I love her!!) And I loved the Koala shaped straw decorations. I designed them and cut them all out by hand with safety scissors at 2am. It was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable showers I've ever hosted, actually, I had a great time. Which is funny because I started preparing and making things at 11pm the night before. I love living on the edge with deadlines!!

Then I left my own party early to sneak off to my very first book signing, where I learned that I am definitely not famous. Haha. (Just kidding, I'm bigger than Miley, I know that.) But seriously, I did meet one wonderful person (literally one) and it was so worth it!! (Hi, Kara! Thanks for coming! You're so lovely.)  And it was fun to sit and talk to the shop owner and his adorable little blonde, curly-haired, 5 year old boy who gave me hug after hug after hug for two hours. I really wanted to take him home with me. My sweet friend also came with me, which made me feel less pathetic, and I sold two books!! ...To...the shop owner. :O)

But I know you guys will all be there when I come to Portland and Seattle! And I can't wait!! Not sure what those dates will be yet, but I'll definitely let you know.

I hope you're having a great Monday!!
I love you very much.


  1. Disney! Such a great shower! You are lovely.
    Do you have any tips on indoor photography (especially children) and editing indoor pictures? Yours are so full of light and they have a calm feeling to them. I'm really trying to work on that.

  2. I wish I would have know about you book signing sooner, I would have made an effort to come from my corner of Eastern, WA. Sorry it wasn't a grand party!

  3. I'd love to come see you in Seattle! When will that be?

  4. Love those pandas! Your first signing was a great warmup, now on to the bright lights and big cites.

  5. I'll come visit in Portland, for sure!! There's a pretty cute kids' bookstore near my house that hosted Nikki McClure a while back, it was great. She passed around a little chicken papercut for everyone to see. Or, you know, there's always Powells. ;)

  6. I am sorry there weren't more at the book signing. Come over to Australia as I am sure there would be plenty here who would turn up. ;-) I was interested to see the koalas featured in the baby brunch decorations. They are very cute animals and everyone loves them.

  7. Disney, in my life you are very famous! <3

  8. I am so sorry that you had only one person at the book signing. If you had come to Rouen (upper Normandy, France), there probably would have been only one person too, but it would have been ME, for my greatest pleasure.
    What a wonderful baby shower brunch you made !

  9. If you come to the Philadelphia/bucks county area in PA I will definitely come to a book signing!

  10. 1. shower looks awesome
    2. your outfit is totally awesome
    3. if i didnt live states away i would have come to see you AND i would have bought a book.
    dont be discouraged!!! we love you!!!! (and i miss your pink hair!! lol)

  11. You do parties so WELL. You keep threatening to do a series on that, you should.

  12. If I were closer, I totally would've come to your book signing!

    I agree with Tiffany, you should do a series on all the fun parties that you plan. They look super fun! :)

  13. I'm so sorry you didn't get a crowd to your signing! I'd have loved to come meet you but I live in England... Your book's on my Christmas list! God bless.

  14. I was thinking of you, Disney. But New Zealand is a little too far... ;)

  15. Wow you work very well in last minute! And I love how you write with humor even in "not at ease" situation.
    Sorry for bad english

    Hug from Fance to you and your adorable Paige^^


  16. I would love to come out when you make it to Portland!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the date.

  17. I would have come, but Wisconsin is Quite a hike. :) I'm not sure if you still have my e-mail (I sent you the Hats, remember??) but I was hoping you would be willing to sell me a book and sign it. Would you do that? I am sure I am not the only one who would pay for that awesome service. Perhaps you could talk to the book store owner where the signing was and see if they would be willing to sell and ship? That way, you would just need to write in a wonderful little message to your fan (this time, moi) who is buying your book? Sound good? Right? I would love that. :) Marta XOXO P.S. I think you are fantastic.

    1. Marta, I would be thrilled to, would you mind shooting me an email with your shipping address? Thank you, friend! :)

  18. SPOT-ON PERFECT PHOTOS of your BABY SHOWER BRUNCH you hosted, DISNEY! Cute baby boy! Unique idea to create an ABC booklet with each letter drawn with pictures per page from guests... FUN for years to come. Buffet table: FAB with mini muffins & cupcakes, fresh fruit, and lemonades. Bouquet of white roses & baby's breath is BEAUTIFUL. LOVED your last photo of you at your new book signing! GOOD LUCK for future signings and book sales, DISNEY! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  19. Come to San Diego!!! That would be so awesome!!! :)


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