Come Meet Me This Weekend!

You guys, I have my first book signing this Saturday!
This is so weirdcrazyscaryembarrassingawkwardcool!! I'm excited! I've made paper flowers for my table, so I guess I'm totally prepared... (How do I even do this??) I also made little bookmarks to pass out and covered my pink and gold sharpies with glitter, so I figure I just need to swing by Dutch Bros for a pom' passion green tea and I'll be set. ;)

Are any of you local?? I would be so excited to meet you!! Even if you don't care about the book, I'd love it if you stopped by to say "hi!" and give me hugs! (Hugs are optional, though, in case you, ya know, have a bubble.)  :O)  Here's the address:

17 Basin St NW
Ephrata, WA

Saturday, July 19th at 2pm.

See you there!!

So much love,

P.S. The tutorial for these flowers should be up tomorrow. *fingers crossed* They're so easy and fun!


  1. It's such a pity that I live in France ! I wish I could come and meet you, it would have made my day... Have a nice day full of nice meetings.

  2. I wish I could come and say hi! One day :)
    I hope you have fun meeting people & signing books and just having a lovely day...
    My friend lives out in WA so maybe I could get an autograph or something from you when I go visit her this winter~

  3. I'm in Utah, but good luck! I love that you made flowers for your table. That's just awesome! :)

  4. Oh, my word. I was just visiting my sister out in WA and she only lives 45 minutes away from Ephrata!! Had my chance, muffed it. :) Maybe next time.

  5. Ooh, I had no idea you lived in Ephrata, one of my favorite towns in the entire world. Can't make it but would have loved to!!! Hope you have a super fun day - now don't be embarrassed or too humble, go in and own it. Have a blast!


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