Joseph, Oregon

You guys, I just crave adventure like it's one of the food groups. Especially adventure that involves exploring nature! Oceans, forests, wild countrysides, even the jungle sounds exciting to me. And mountains! Oh my goodness, what is more glorious than a mountain?
Last week I went on a mini vacation with my parents to Joseph, OR. What a gorgeous, gorgeous town! My family has been there several times and they just rave about it, but this was the first time I was able to come along and it definitely did not disappoint. Cutest little community, waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere with the sweetest local people and a rich history. One of the main attractions of the area is a tram that goes up Mt. Howard (with a little restaurant at the top. Get the cobbler.) You ride up with the most amazing view and then you get to explore the mountain trails at the top. Such an amazing experience. I could have stayed up there for years. My only regret is that I didn't take Paige, she would have loved it! Maybe in the spring. :O)

Do you remember that book, Heidi? Of course you do. I have to confess that I never really understood her attachment to her mountain home. I mean, there wasn't even a Target. And I've hiked mountains before, but this time was a little different. Looking down from the top, life just seemed so small. And I kind of wanted to just stay. Isn't it so beautiful??

While I was there, my mom taught me how to crochet. Or...reminded me how? She taught me when I was little, but it's been about 20 years. :O) Then she taught Paige, so the two of us have been crocheting fools lately. So fun!! Paige made like, infinity little bracelets and has been selling them to make money for an American Girl Doll. Which, by the way, I totally told my husband I wanted for Christmas. (They brought back Samantha! I MUST have her!!)
This post has ADD. :O)

Anyway, the mountains were so refreshing. I really needed that. Although, it turns out that 10 hours of riding in a car provides ample time to consider the fact that I am now the youngest of three, and not four. Not that I expected the daily breaking of my heart to take a hiatus when I crossed the state line.

Well, goodnight friends. I love you.


  1. Disney dear, you are still the youngest of four. A terrible terrible lot has changed for you and your family but your sister is still your sister.May you and your family have more good times like this together.

    1. I never comment, but I was going to tell her the same. Yes, Disney you still the youngest of FOUR. And you should not mourn your sister just for the one day she passed away, but it would make her happy to celebrate the thousands of days she lived in this universe.

  2. Disney, grieving takes time and it took me a while before I stopped feeling like a piece of me was missing after my brother died. I am so pleased that you were able to soak up the beauty of creation in that stunning mountainous region. I have heard that Oregon is quite beautiful and I have a friend over there in a little town somewhere near the mountains.

  3. This post has ADD - crack me up!! Beautiful beautiful pictures. I have never been to Oregon so you have me beat there. Little vacations, breaks, are good for the soul, I'm glad you had the opportunity to refresh yours. Hugs from PA.

  4. Love this! I know how you feel! When I go to my favorite beach here, I have the same feeling of being small, and thinking that's good. Praying for you still, hugs!!

  5. Disney,
    Sam was my favorite, too! I still have mine...sort of...I actually have one of the "like me" dolls that is colored mostly like her. I need to grab her, was my favorite gift from my grandmother...well, that and the duvet and canopy set. Lots of love!

  6. Hi Disney. I'm giving you a big hug through my computer screen! So sorry for your broken heart! :(

    I loved your Joseph adventure pictures. I wish I could stare at your pics all day as my screen saver! We visited Joseph 9 years ago (in the fall, too!). It was breathtaking. Those mountains! And farmhouses! And farm land! I daydream about moving there, but alas, we are not independently wealthy ... or in the position to become farmers or copper-art-shop owners. ;) We did the tram up Mt. Howard and it made me so nauseous at the time! It was only when we got home from that trip that I found out I was pregnant! LOL! I remember ground squirrels (or were they prairie dogs?) up at the top of Mt. Howard. Our 2 year old loved feeding them. ~Amber

  7. Beautiful pictures. So glad you could have that time with your parents.
    You will always be the youngest of four.{{{{D}}}}
    Sending many hugs and healing vibes.

  8. So weird to check out your blog and see my town. I have pretty much lived in Joseph all my life. So a belated welcome. Come again. It is even prettier in person y'all

  9. Leaving in the north of Italy I've always spend my holiday on the Alps but also you in the USA have lots of wonderful place I'd like to visit once in my life! ps: I'm glad to see you smile, even if your heart is and will always be broken...
    big hugs!

  10. I want Samantha too! I never had her when I was a child, and I desperately wanted her!!! My kids want her too, but I want one for ME! ;)

  11. Woah. Is it gonna be weird when I buy myself a Samantha and get nothing for my daughter? That's gonna be weird, huh?

  12. I was so excited to read that you visited Joseph! We go there every summer for a family reunion! It's definitely a slice of heaven! My grandparents grew up there, and my dad was born in LaGrande! We have a thanksgiving trip planned there too, but my husband might have to work so we may have I miss it :( also, I just helped my daughters make and sell muffins to earn money for their American Girl dolls! We made over $ muffins! Crazy!! I wanted one of my daughters to get Samantha, but one got Isabelle, and my daughter that is a twin got the Bitty Twins!


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