Pumpkin Topiary DIY!

I got a lovely, surprise email last week from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores inviting me to participate in their Trick or Treat: A Halloween to DIY for! campaign, yay!! I love doing projects for them, and our brand new Joann store JUST opened in town, so it was perfect timing!! I love when the world throws that kind of perfection at me. :) My theme was "everything pumpkins", which is fantastic because I have a hard time being inspired by eyeballs falling out and anything that looks...not alive. Heh. I love the pumpkin topiaries that I've seen gracing the doorstep of pinterest-worthy homes and I thought I'd make a slightly smaller, more elegant version for my dining table!
Wanna make one? Sweet! Let's go.

You'll need:
Three sizes of foam craft pumpkins
Off-white spray paint. (I like rustoleum brand)
Krylon gold glitter spray paint
Silk autumn leaves
2 Small winter berry wreaths
Small feathers
White pearl corsage pins
3 Yards of pleated or ruffle trim
Hot glue gun

Cake plate with a flat top OR:
Plastic Wilton cake plate (12'')
Medium terra cotta pot

  • Saw the stems off the larger two pumpkins.

  •  Paint all three pumpkins and the terra cotta pot with an off-white spray paint. 

  •  Cover the medium sized pumpkin with glitter. I created a subtle ombre effect by spraying a light coat all over, then another coat 2/3 way down, then a third coat on the top.

  •  Glue winter berry wreaths to the top of the large and medium pumpkins.

  •  Glue the medium pumpkin to the large one, then the smallest one to the top of the medium one.

  •  Push pearl pins into middle pumpkin.

  •  Glue leaves and feathers sporadically around the bottom of each pumpkin.

    • Cover the top of the cake plate with trim using hot glue.

    •  Cover the bottom of the terra cotta pot with glue.

    •  Quickly press onto the bottom of the cake plate and let dry.

    Then light some candles and enjoy!! When you create your Halloween awesomeness this season, use the tag #DIY4halloween to see it on the tagboard on Joann's share page! I love the pumpkin vase that Jess from The Sewing Rabbit made. So beautiful!! Check it out.

    Happy crafting, guys! Love you!

    This post is sponsored by JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. They paid me, but the opinions are my own, blah blah blah. You know what I'm saying. :o)


    1. it looks awesome, I am especially in love with the sparkly middle pumpkin - i might just make one like that instead of carving :)

    2. Disney! This is gorgeous! Literally perfection. I think I need to run out and make one! Too bad I was just at Joann yesterday... maybe I'll wait til after Halloween when everything goes on clearance.


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