Dutch Braid with Bow Hair Tutorial!

My friend Lexi is a total Braid-Master. She can seriously do anything!! She asked if she could try some styles on paige's super long hair and I was so hand-clapping excited! I would love to be good at this. I really would. But I'm really not. :O) If only I could get Lexi to come braid our hair every morning so I could be one of those cool, put-together moms. :o)

The amazing thing about today's braid is that it looks really fancy and difficult, but it's really not! (OK, well, at least it SHOULDN'T be. But it would be for me, because I'm special.)
  • Start off by making a dutch braid at the nape of the neck. You're going to be braiding from the bottom of the neck toward the crown of your head, so if you're doing it on someone else, have them lean over toward you. A dutch braid is the same as a french braid, but instead of crossing over the center strand, you cross under. So begin as you would with a small regular braid...

  • ...then grab a little extra hair with each outside strand before crossing it UNDER the center strand. (See left strand in photo)

  • Continue to braid, adding extra hair to each outside strand as you go.

  • If you're like Lexi, it will look like this next photo: beautiful!
(If you're like me, you will take it apart and retry it 15 times until you feel like cursing the day you were born, then you'll give up. Don't worry, have an espresso and try again-you'll get it!!)

  • Braid until you've reached the crown of the head and tie off with an elastic.

  • Comb the remaining hair and use another elastic to gather it all into one pony tail.

  • Wrap elastic around one more time and pull hair halfway through, making a big loop of hair. Separate the loop into two even sections as pictured:

  • Wrap the remaining tail of hair around the center of the divided loop as many times as you can.

  • Secure the bottom well with bobby pins.

  • Then sucre the top with bobby pins as well. Spray lightly with hair spray.

This style works best with medium-long to long hair. It may help to dampen the hair a little before you start. At least that helps me sometimes? Let me know if you're able to try it! I'd love to see it on blonde hair. And thanks so much for making us your guinea pigs, Lexi!! :O)

Love you guys!


  1. So fun! I'll have to try this with my daughter.

  2. How pretty..! Too bad my daughter is only 6 months old so I'll have to wait a couple of years :(

  3. Really love this post! I seldom tie my girls' hair, always feel my hands not nimble enough. I shall try more times.


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