Our Well!

Just wanted to pass on these two photos of the well that you guys helped build in India with Healing Hand International! Isn't that just beautiful?? A super-fist-bump to the kid in front with a Pokemon shirt. :o) I wonder if Paige will notice that when I show her the photo.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your donations! And may you be as blessed by your generosity as these people have been.

Love you!


  1. Yay!!! I want to hug them all!

  2. How happy they must be, Disney. We just take having running water for granted in our countries, don't we. Good on you and everyone else for helping out these less fortunate than us (but possibly happier than us) families.

  3. Ok...I found your blog after searching for DIY girl clothes...And just saw this post! My husband was a pastor at FCC in Ellensburg for 3 years! We are now in Kansas, and our hearts ache for the town of Ellensburg. We are sad that the church wasn't where God wanted us. We tell everyone that if we could move our current church to the town of Ellensburg, we would! My heart is all aflutter now that I know you're from Eburg!


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