DIY Paper Doily Fortune Cookies!

 Chinese New Year is tomorrow, and I thought it would be fun to make some fortune cookies with Paige! Of course, this would have been way more fun with edible ingredients, because food, but this was cool, too!

You'll need:
Small paper doilies
Pretty paper
Double stick tape

That's it!
Ok, here we go:

  • Write fortunes on a small piece of 6'' paper.

  • Fold doily in half and make a small crease to mark the center.

  •  Place fortune in the middle, with pretty side up.

  •  Fold edges of doily inward as pictured.

  •  Bend at crease.

  •  Place a small piece of double-stick tape between ends to keep it closed.

You can also make them with regular paper, felt, leather or sheets of craft foam, like these that I created last year for Fresh Style magazine:
Paige's favorite part of making these is writing the fortunes. Seriously, guys, you have to do this with your kids just to see what they come up with. It can be pretty hilarious! If you need some ideas, here are Paige's:
"You will have an 'astrodinary' life"
"You have confidence"
"Trust the donut you eat" (good advice)
"Open the door when someone knocks"
"You will soon go to heaven" (Yikes, ok yeah no, maybe don't use that one...)

Kids have the best little minds!! Swoon.

Happy year of the sheep! 
I don't really know what that means... :O) But sheep are cute!



  1. Ha ha, they are really cute, Disney. A Chinese lady explained to me recently about The Year of the Sheep. Chinese New Year is a big event for her.

  2. you can write my fortunes any day!

  3. These would make really cute valentines :)

  4. Haha, I love this! "Cupcakes are in your future" and the other ones. :.) The fortune cookies are really cute and I especially like how the lace looks.

  5. These are so cute! I especially love the gold sparkly one, it really pops!


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