Work Camp!!

We just had the coolest week!!!
We went with our youth group to the Central Ohio Work Camp, where we painted houses for free for people who needed it. In five days, we painted 9 houses! Phew! And I say "we" loosely, because Ace and I mostly just delivered lunches and took photos. :o) But we still had fun!

Many of the houses looked like this before we started-or worse:
The home owners got to pick their paint colors...even if they wanted bright purple...and all the paint was supplied for free!
The teens worked so hard, every day from 8am-3pm, out in the hot sun, up on was amazing. They also did landscaping tore down sheds, installed gutters...I don't even know what else. They did so much!! I was so proud of everyone! 
Of course, I was most proud of this cute little biscuit. She stayed out all day with the older kids and worked, every day. Granted, I think there were a lot of KoolAid breaks, (she is barely 8) but she still worked hard!
We all stayed at the dorms of Otterbein University in Westerville. 
And after the hard day's work, every evening we did something fun, like baseball games and swimming and scavenger hunts. It was so great to have that time with them and get to know our teens more. My husband and I were blown away by the Kokomo youth group. Such good, hard working, spiritually minded kids. We hit the jackpot with our church family, like seriously. What.
It felt so, so good to help people who needed it. And I wish you could have been there at the end when we had a big banquet for all the home owners. They were all so gracious and wonderful. And it was so neat to hear their stories. Life is just so much richer when you're helping God bless other people.

P.S. I wish I had more "after" photos to share with you guys! Unfortunately I didn't end up driving out the the sites on the last day, so I didn't get many of those shots with my camera. But the transformations were pretty awesome!

Take care! I hope your day is going wonderfully. I love you! :o)


  1. Awesome! I was thinking about you guys, glad you popped in to keep us up to date.

  2. The houses look wonderful! That was an amazing gift to those people! Thanks for making the world a better place!

  3. Disney, I was wondering if you had moved yet. Now, we need our house painted. When did you say the team was coming to Australia? ;-)

  4. Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer in Kokomo does something similar to that called Mission Possible. It's July 5th through 11th this year.

  5. Please come show us some pics of your new house soon! ;) Miss you in this space!

  6. What a beautiful practical way of showing love and care. Well done to all of you. X.
    Wish you had a photo of the purple house all finished. Bet it looked awesome!


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