August 23, 2015

Guessing Soup

My mom told me that I need to take more pictures of the kids. (#Grandmastruggles)
But it takes like a month of planning to get a *real* photoshoot of my two, so I decided to make a point to grab my camera from time to time and just shoot whatever's going on. I love those kinds of photos anyway. :O)

What I documented today is Paige using my phone to type up a menu for her imaginary restaurant, including such items as: "Radishes", "Big fat chicken", and "Guessing soup where you guess what the soup is", as well as "Any drink in the universe of the world" and "Free fun and wi-fi". Naturally, I chose the Guessing Soup, because who wouldn't want enjoy a tasty bowl of Who-Knows-What? It turned out to be broccoli and cheese, in case you're wondering. Plastic food never tasted so good.

You should try snapping some photos of the kids today with your DSLR, if you have one. It's really fun when you have no real reason to do it. No stress, it's not going on the Christmas card or anything. Just see what you can capture!
In fact! I'm inventing a hashtag for it right now: photosforfunRS

Use that hashtag when sharing your photos so we can inspire each other! It'll be fun! But don't forget the "RS" or you might just find weird photos of girls in lingerie. And seriously, we don't need to see any more of that. :o)

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!
I love you so much! You look great today!!


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    1. Thank you! His name is Azlan, we love him! :O)

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  3. I'm going through pics on my computer from 3 years ago and these kind are my favorite too. I like shots with their favorite outfit of the month and favorite toy or book, it's crazy how quick preferences change. Or the little habits you don't know if they will keep, twirling the hair or drawing flowers on everything or bringing American girl doll everywhere. Those pics bring me back to heard earlier more than a field trip shot or photoshoot.

    1. You are so right! It's a perfect way to keep track of those sweet details that would normally get lost in our memories. Someday we will be so glad to have these reminders.

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  6. My parents have that lion at their house. I cant tell you how much it is loved and known by all grandkids!

  7. I have been taking pictures of stuff my kids do with stuff. This past week a fork was wedged into the strap of the booster seat at the kitchen table, and then I found a "birthday cake," made of duplo blocks in the fridge. :) I love your pictures too!

  8. Loved reading your thoughts today... "Guessing soup" sounds tasty! Praying for the day I have little ones to capture in photos. God's timing is not my own, but it's best.

    Blessings to you & yours!

  9. These photos are the kind I love best. Just documenting life! And I love what you wrote about her restaurant menu! "Any drink in the universe of the world" would be just up my son's alley - he loves unique sodas from World Market, etc. so I think she has something there for the restaurant biz. :)

  10. You should do the 52 week project! Jodi at started it, and it's a pic of your kid/s every week for the year just doing what ever they're doing! Definitely reminds me to capture those everyday moments with my girls ;)

  11. Beautiful photos! nothing tastes as good as plastic food! hmmm, yum!

  12. I usually do that, but I don't get to share my kids photos online... unless their face isn't showing, of course.


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