Iced Coffee

As I was making my coffee this morning, I just felt like I should send a little 1-minute "thank you" shoutout to my girl Ree (Pioneer Woman) for posting this cold brewed coffee recipe. This here done changed my game.

I know what you're thinking: "This is pretty much the worst video ever made." (Like anyone could even know that.) I'm sorry! :O) All I had was my iPhone and love in my heart. But I mean for reals, guys, you have no idea what a spring it puts in my step each morning to know that there is a pitcher of this roasted gold waiting in my fridge. It is my new favorite and most cherished ritual. I have been trying to nail the perfect iced-coffee-at-home for years! 

Here are the details of my particular version of the perfect iced coffee experience:
Use Rhee's method (so easy! basically, just pour cold water over coffee grounds, wait overnight, and strain) to cold brew that darkest roast I can find.
Pour over ice. Make sure it's the kind of ice you like. This totally matters. I like cubed ice in a bag from the store.
Add a splash of organic vanilla almond milk.
I should also add that the cup you use matters. I really feel like it tastes better out of a clear glass, so you can see how beautiful it is. I actually ordered plastic cups with pretty black straws from amazon because it makes me feel like a kitchen barista and makes my heart so happy. But actual glasses are elegant, too. 

Of course, that's all just my silly stuff, you can do whatever you want. :O) But blow a kiss to the Pioneer Woman as you drink it! She's a gem. 

Happy Saturday, Gorgeous! 
Love you so!


  1. I love that coffee, too!! That's one of my favorite Pioneer Woman recipes! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness that video is on point!

  3. This post is hilarious! Love that you love your iced coffee, and that you use almond milk so no animals had to suffer in the making of it x

  4. You're hilarious! I love this video and also the Napoleon Dynamite reference! ;-) (For some reason that's one of my favorite lines in it!). I love iced coffee, but mine would have to be decaf. My big problem with drinking cold vs hot drinks is that I tend to drink them too fast. And more than one cup of regular caff -- I'd be awake for a week! Lightweight...

  5. You are so hilarious. I love it.

  6. I thought I was the only one who felt that cold coffee in a clear cup made it better!

  7. More like the best video ever made! Isn't it nice-the small things that can make us happy? Hope your day is a wonderful one!

  8. Homage to coffee? Completely and utterly understandable and warranted :) Thank you for sharing this recipe, I'm soooo looking forward to this in the long hot summer months!
    Cheers, Em from Australia.

  9. LOVE IT!!! I like to make this decaf since I only have two cups of the "leaded" stuff per day, and I like to drink this AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE... :) Also, I love cocnut milk or flax milk, too!!!! YAY!!!


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