Beautiful Souls :)

You've just looked into the eyes of the strongest person on earth. 
Her name is Caralina.
This is what she looks like on the outside.

Love you, darlings.


  1. Disney, these are breathtaking. So beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! Her eyes draw me in each picture.

  3. Disney, the photos of Caralina are stunning!

  4. Disney, can you tell us more about why she is the strongest person on Earth? I'm curious to know. Beautiful pictures.

  5. She really is the strongest person on Earth; I can attest to this. The pain behind her eyes takes the form of profound beauty.

  6. Disney, this is a great post! The photos are breathtaking, and yes, she is lovely out the outside; but her eyes speak of so much depth. She is a beautiful conflict of God's love living in a world that is not always loving. I look in those eyes and it really seems that maybe she is much stronger than she knows. We DON'T need the story. I love that you didn't give us clues. That's what makes this a great post, we need to just take the time to just SEE each other, and love what is there. I tried to look up the meaning of her name, and all I could find was "beloved" and "tenderness". Keep being strong, Caralina!


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