Jord: Unique Wooden Watches (for people who like being ridiculously attractive)

Hello, guys!! Did you have a good Thanksgiving?? We had a great one with some of our church family, and I only cried in the bathroom for 45 minutes, for no logical reason, which was not at all embarrassing. So that's good.
I am so weird. 
But! Still thankful. Because Jesus.

So, anyway, Christmas is coming, and guy presents are so hard. So I'm pretty excited to share this watch company with you, because I think they're basically the perfect thing for guy gifts!! JORD actually sell girl watches, too, (LOVE the Frankie series) but since I only wear my special watch with sentimental value, I asked the company if my brother could review one! He has very discerning taste, so I knew he'd like them. The watch he chose and is modeling in the photos is also my favorite. :O) It's so cool looking!
Here's his review:

"There’s nothing like receiving a package in the mail. More so, one you’ve been awaiting with great anticipation. I have always been a “watch guy”. Interestingly, I have not worn a watch in years because I haven't found one that has met my criteria; the piece must first and foremost be unique. (Anyone who knows me knows that I am more of a unique character and I want my watch to reflect this.) Secondly, of good quality. And the final criteria, and the reason I haven’t owned a watch in years… price!
First off, I didn’t even know wooden watches were out there. So when my sister sent me a link to look through JORD’s assortment, I instantly fell in love. Not only were time pieces unique but their natural, earthy, wooden character struck a very distinct chord with me. After scanning through the assortment a few stood out as being distinctively “me”. I used the help of two of the women who know me best (wife and sister) and made my selection. Then, after printing out a “wrist band” measuring tool provided by the company, the pre-sized watch was on it’s way!
When the package arrived my wife can attest to my excitement. The piece came well dressed in a nice wooden box complete with resting pillow and spare links, etc.. When I put on the watch it was a perfect fit. I was briefly worried about it being too bulky for my girly wrist (the band is slightly thicker that your average metal band). But after wearing it for just a few minutes, the watch was so soft and lightweight, as well as elegant to look at, that these fears were quickly (and happily) put to rest. After wearing it pretty much everywhere for a week here is my overall opinion on the piece…
-You will get noticed! I can’t tell you how many times I heard “IS THAT A WOODEN WATCH!?” with a slightly jealous tone.
-You will feel more unique and sophisticated. You will find yourself asking why you don’t own a yacht (unless you actually do, in which case you probably already own this watch). Or “why am I not building something amazing with my bare hands while wearing a suit?”
-Price, for what you’re getting, is very solid.

-Not meant to wear everywhere. It is made of wood, not metal. I have already scuffed mine while trying to clean a spot off of the face. (note: use soft rag)
If I had to rate the piece from 1-10 I would give it a 9.25. This is a classy timepiece for someone who wants a more unique accessory but doesn’t want all the flashy silicone stuff out there. It definitely enhances the way you feel about yourself (one of the main reasons for any accessory) and you can’t beat the price. The only thing holding this back from a 10 is some some subtle imperfections I noticed around the rim inside the crystal."

Get the watches on JORD's website!
P.S. They have free shipping worldwide, just saying. Free shipping is my favorite. I will buy anything if you give me free shipping. Which is why I shouldn't have Amazon Prime. It's just dangerous.

Ok, love you :O)


  1. Hi Disney!

    I've been reading your blog for ages, and when your little girl went to work to afford the American Girl dolls - one for her friend,too - my cup runeth over with admiration of this child on that day.

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    If you think this is something Paige would like,( OF COURSE IT IS!) then email me back.

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