DIY Snowy Forest Globes!

We had a craft bazaar at church a little while ago to help fund our preschool, and one of the projects I made for it was these glass jar tree...globe...things? I loved them so much that I told my husband I secretly hoped they don't sell, because I really wanted them for my mantle at home. :O) So he bought all of them! Haha! Wasn't that sweet? Now they're on my mantle, and my heart is happy. My sweet neighbor came over and saw them and wanted to make some, too, so we did that yesterday! It was so fun!!  She chose pink and green trees and kitschy little trims and they turned out so cute!

Here's how we made ours:

Start with a clean jar+lid and sturdy candlestick or similar object for a base, two or three trees and a bit of snow. You'll also need E6000 glue (or other brand) and hot glue.
  • Hot glue the trees in place to the underside of the jar lid. 
  • Put a small amount of snow in the jar. You'll probably use a little less than you think. Continue fighting with the snow because it's always too much or too little. Periodically brush yourself off and/or vacuum yourself until you give in to the idea of looking like a glittery snowman for the rest of the day.
  • Once you're sure you've got just the right amount of snow, put the trees and lid on and twist the ring tight. 
  • Hot glue trim or ribbon around the jar ring.
  • Apply E6000 generously to the top of the base (or the jar lid, whichever surface is smaller) and place jar (lid down) on the base. Turn the whole thing upside down to dry. 

  • Check thrift stores for jars/bases. Double check that they sit well on top of each other before choosing them. 
  • Wide mouth jars fit multiple trees better.
  • If you don't have a jar ring (as in the photos above) use E6000 glue on top of the jar, and press the lid on firmly. Let dry before adding trim. 
Love you!


  1. These are so dang cute! I only wish you'd posted sooner so I could make a bajillion of them for Christmas presents :) Now I have something to work on for next year! :)

  2. Really sweet little objects that look amazing in a group! So sweet of him to buy them for your house!

  3. Very cute! I made these last year, but without the bases. This makes we want to add bases and cute trim!

  4. So beautifull! And lovely! greatings from Poland :)

  5. These are so so cute! Thanks for sharing them : )

  6. I love them! Where did you get the little trees from and what is the snow?

  7. Such a lovely idea! :) Do you know where the pink trees came from? Thanks!


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